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What in the world??

Im 13 weeks and 1 day. First official pregnancy. The other morning i woke up early. I slept on my right side and when I woke up I laid on my back. I started to feel at the bottom on my belly and i felt a huge lump to the right side of the lower part of my belly. The size of a small ball. Was that my uterus pushing up or was that the baby? I turned on my left side and when i woke up, it felt like it shifted. I havent felt it since. I asked other moms i work with and some say my uterus is just expanding but some say it was the baby since it was shifted to one spot.

Re: What in the world??

  • I'm 0% a medical professional but it sounds to me like you were feeling a full bladder. My bladder is popping out and really hard in the mornings now.

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  • Is it supposed to be shifted to one side of your belly?
  • Your full bladder pushes your uterus up and to the side. A full bladder makes the uterus contract so you feel it more.
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