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Thankful Thursday : 2/23

As pregnancy comes to an end, and it's hard to stay cheery: What can you be thankful for today!?


Re: Thankful Thursday : 2/23

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  • Love this thread!
    1. Thankful for the beautiful weather outside today... 64 degrees in February in Rhode Island!! 
    2. My son was amazing when we took a stroll to Whole Foods this morning and we are having such a nice day together vs. how our Tuesday was. 
    3. Thankful that my heartburn has seemed to subside and that I have been sleeping like a log besides the 2:30 wake-up pee. 

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  • @vino831 @kjd291 DH and I watched "This is Us" last night...oh the water works!!
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  • @kjd291 I've read many stories of how some women turn total zen toward the end of pregnancy/during labor so I'm glad you are channeling that!

    great response @vino831 I'll have to remember that one in case I need to use it!

    I'm thankful I am almost over this yucky cold. Had the worst sore throat when I woke up Tuesday but it is mostly gone and I just have the sniffles now. My midwife also pointed out I am very lucky to not have any swelling yet given that I'm on my feet almost all day at work! Lastly I am thankful for naps! Had one yesterday and today before work and I feel slightly better. 
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    @vino831 @kjd291 @ngcsugirl1112 I live in Memphis! It was fun seeing the places I pass all the time on such a popular show :smile:  (although it was a very sad episode!) There was a call for extras but they definitely were not looking for super pregnant people, so I missed my chance.
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  • @CanadianintheSouth so cool!  DH and I went to Memphis a few years back for a college football bowl game...we enjoyed our time there....even got to go to the Peabody to see the ducks :) 
    Me (37) Hubby (39) Married since 4.2009
    EP:  2.17.2016
    DS:  3.4.2017

    Pregnancy TickerDD: due 7.16.2019

  • Thankful for a positive experience on our hospital tour yesterday. All my questions were answered and I felt really comfortable with those answers. Thankful for a team of doctors- OB, MFM, hematologist, who are all working closely together to make sure baby and I are well taken care of. 
  • silverbulletband & jrde50eb12  so awesome you two had such great experiences at your birth locations! Such a relief at this point - just one less thing you have to worry about :smiley:
  • Oh that had to be wonderful to get up and get a few things accomplished Lexxilou1986! And soo happy your little lady has stayed cooking to this point!  Two days to go! WOOHOO!!!
  • @Lexxilou1986 so glad you got to get out and about... must have felt amazing!
  • @Lexxilou1986 so much happy!! Yay for getting out for dinner and for baby prep! I'm so excited for you to have your little term baby in your arms Sunday!! What a blessing <3
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