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Stop running ends in miscarriage?

im a runner. I have been for over 10 years(and I'm only 23) when I got my BFP I was in training for a 50K. I almost stopped running, I would run for a little bit, but not close to what I was before I found out. At my 8 week ultrasound we found out our babies heart had stopped... My friend who was in training for a marathon with me found out she was expecting and she stopped running. Around 8-9 weeks she miscarried. I was also watching a YouTube video on running during pregnancy and the girl who was discussing it stopped running with her first pregnancy and it also ended in a miscarriage. So my question is... if you are used to running and you stop will that cause a miscarriage? Is that too much for the body to handle?

Re: Stop running ends in miscarriage?

  • I was active duty Marine Corps with my first two, ran 3-5mi 3+ days a week plus a bunch of other physical training until round ligament pain became too much around 5-6 months and still carried to term. Some of my fastest run times were while pregnant due to the extra blood flow. Another female Marine ran like me and ended up with a fetal death at 20+ weeks.

    I don't think continuing running or stopping running cold turkey can cause a loss. Especially if you've had a single loss.
  • Nope I was in great shape with my first and no m/c. I was coaching cross country at the time, and doing all their workouts plus more.  I ran up to 33 weeks and quit because of the belly. I wasn't running as far with my 2ND and definitely slower and it ended in m/c. 
    I agree with above, I think running had nothing to do with it. 
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