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Re: Any guesses on nub theory? 12 weeks

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  • gif party!!!

    DS1: 8/2012 <3 DS2  8/2017 <3 DS3 10/2018 

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  • annoyed eye roll sandra bullock sigh come on

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    Clearly we like to rush along at lightning speed...

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  • I just rolled my eyes and said here we go again.  
  • JWatt5JWatt5 member
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    Holy geeze - I'm usually decide to ignore these posts when they go up but come on...
    Please OP, read the rules and scroll through the already posted threads first. You'll see that asking a question like this has already been done and is not appropriate to ask. I get that it might be "just for fun" but it really is frowned upon and with it being what feels like the millionth time this has been posted...please just read The Bump rules at the top of the threads. I'm would get the same response as you just did even when I've been an active member on The Bump in the IF group and with this group since my BFP. 

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  • It barely even looks human at this stage.

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  • I vote unicorn. Unicorns are fun. 
  • It's a raptor. 
  • @nxy seriously... it was a serious question ok? Dont bring your sarcasm here when we're all busy farting rainbows.. i feel bad for your chil- Oh wait, mustn't get banned :D

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    I am shocked about how rude people are about this. Seriously shocked and disappointed.  If this should have posted in ultrasound kindly say that instead of the rude and insulting giphs to this person. 
    I have never had much experience with the nub theory my ultrasounds have always had to be so early I never got one further along so I never looked into it.  Out of straight guessing I'm going with girl though :). It's so exciting playing the guessing game and doing all those fun tests like the hair and ring one (which was correct for me on both boys).  From day one we always wonder and depict a part what it will be with excitement....I think that's what makes waiting 9 months for this baby manageable :) 
  • @Nebel33 it's also incredibly rude to start a thread without introducing yourself or having any prior interactions on the board. Would you just walk into a party and ask strangers to guess the sex of your baby without first introducing yourself? Same concept.
    Exactly this.. and it wasn't that the thread was posted in the wrong place, it was that it shouldn't have been posted at all. 

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  • Also worth mentioning is knowing your audience. A look at this board shows that we don't have pinned posts for any types of these theories- Ramzi, nub, or forehead slope. A quick google search would have provided the OP with a plethora of better options. There are nub theory boards on many forums full people who love speculating on this stuff for random or drive by posters. Why not post there?

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    Baby: August 2017

    Clearly we like to rush along at lightning speed...

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  • Nebel33Nebel33 member
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    Wow sad 
  • I don't think anyone was rude. It's called sarcasm.  If you dislike us so much and feel so sorry for us, no one is forcing you or OP to participate. 
  • I legitimately open this when are new comments just to creep and get my giggle for the day!   B)

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