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FTM-26 weeks yesterday. What are/did you put in your delivery bag and bringing home baby bag? What didn't you need to bring? What did you wish you had brought with you? I want to make sure I'm prepared in advance, 92 days left for me to be fully ready.

Re: Hospital Bag/Bringing Baby Home Bag

  • I lived in mesh panties, nursing tanks while in the hospital and just brought an outfit to go home in. My hospital provided a hotel like toiletry kit with shampoo and conditioner, etc. Otherwise I brought phone and charger, and stuff for the baby: boppy, a couple sizes of outfits, blanket, pacifier. My hospital provided all meds and pads so I didn't need to bring any of that.

    Honestly, it's more important that you have stuff at home for when you get home. Take extras of all the recovery stuff they offer because they have to best. Nursing pads because you will leak. And have a weeks' worth of dinners in the freezer because you won't want to stand, let alone cook.

    Good luck
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    Basic toiletries all travel sized. Hair brush tooth brush lots of hair ties (mine is long) over sized night shirt because I hated the hospital gown. I used the mesh hospital panties while I was there. But I brought granny panties to go home in, you need something big enough to hold the huge pads for postpartum, so if you don't have any I suggest you get some cheap ones. 

    Check out the hospital you will be delivering in too. You can see the room and take a tour and can figure out if there are things you want to bring. I use the hospital baby blankets for a lot while I'm there that way I'm not taking any dirty laundry home with me. The only clothes I bring are my going home clothes and babies going home outfit (and my night shirt). In my experience the hospital has everything else you will need right away.

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  • The things I think are handy:
    - shampoo/conditioner/soap
    - toothbrush/toothpaste
    - lipchap
    - phone
    - chargers
    - camera
    - hair elastics (multiple)
    - deodorant
    - cash, credit
    - your own pillow if you like that
    - comfy clothes
    - shoes, slippers or sandals that you don't ever want to see again (amniotic fluid is sticky)
    - shoes, slippers, or sandals that will accommodate swollen, giant feet
    - comfy undies
    - giant pads
    - nipple cream
    - nursing bra
    - boob pads

    For baby:
    - outfit to come home
    - check with your hospital if they provide diapers etc., becuase some don't
    - soother
    - blankets

    Now, all that being said, haha, DD2 was a preemie, came at 33w, and I had NOTHING ready for her. We got to the hospital with nothing haha and we survived just fine. SO went home and got me a couple things and the necessities but it really showed me how unprepared you can be and still do just fine.
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  • Me: 
    go home outfit, shampoo/conditioner, brush, toothbrush/paste, deodorant, hair ties, SOCKS!!! Nursing tanks (2) phone charger, iPad, water bottle to track my water intake (and to stock up on the endless amounts of cranberry juice haha), my own pillow and my largest towel (hospital towels don't cover squat!!)

    go home outfit, socks, blankie, car seat.

    Stuff I brought that I didn't need:
    boppy, underwear, nursing pads, any other clothing besides tanks and socks and go home outfit, pads (not like they'd hold much anyways!!). I kept my DD in the shirts from the hospital while we were there, so the gowns I brought to put her in were not used. 

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  • Anna8587 said:
    FTM-26 weeks yesterday. What are/did you put in your delivery bag and bringing home baby bag? What didn't you need to bring? What did you wish you had brought with you? I want to make sure I'm prepared in advance, 92 days left for me to be fully ready.

    This is being discussed currently in my BMB. They have some very helpful hints / ideas. :) Here's the link

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  • Chap stick!!!  Be sure you bring it.  All the heavy breathing and dry air was awful.
  • For SURE a spray bottle for when you use the bathroom... hair product if your hair would need it,  boppy, PJ PANTS, nursing tanks, lose underwear.. comfy shoes (slip ons) hair elastic amd toiletries for sure..

    Someone suggested night gowns for comfort w my first and I hated wearing a gown.  They were uncomfortable,  long,  I felt disgusting and gross... i wish i had known I could  wear on pants. 

    @sdLindenberg really hit the target on what she listed.  
  • Me:
    PJ set in one size up from pp size (with button down front for easy BFing, if you are doing that)
    Nursing sleep bras (2)
    Fuzzy socks with grippy bottoms (2)
    Toiletry kit (I got one of those pre-made ones in a clear bag at target)
    Cotton breast pads
    Black granny panties one size up from pp
    Hair brush
    Hair ties
    Nursing pillow (I recommend My Breast Friend over Boppy. I had both and personally liked MBF better as far as help with positioning)
    Going home outfit (comfy black pants or leggings and a flowy top)

    Diaper cream
    Going home outfit
    An extra nice outfit for pictures (if your hospital does them)
    Extra receiving blankets
    Some snap front shirts w/ mitten cuffs

    Misc: snacks (trail mix, protein bars, water) for your SO. The last thing that you need is a hangry SO while you are dealing with all that you will be dealing with. 
    Also, a nice shirt for your SO for pictures is a good thought, if that matters to you.

    Things I didn't use: 

    Scratch mittens for LO (they pissed her off and the mitten cuff shirts are way better)

    Hospital diapers (SO is basically allergic to everything and I've got sensitive skin as well. I had a hunch that we might have a rash situation with LO using the hospital stuff and, sure enough, we did. Big time. It was nice to have some free and clear/ sensitive skin stuff on hand as an alternative)

    All the extra swaddles that I brought. LO screamed her face off when we tried to put her in the summer infant ones. We never even used those. The hospital receiving blankets work fine for that while you are there. 

    My pads. Hospital sailboat pads FTW. I also brought way too many pairs of extra panties. There was so much blood, the mesh panties and hospital pads are all you will probably want to use. I only wore one pair of black granny panties on the ride home. 

    All the extra clothes that I brought for myself. I was in the hospital gown for the first day until they let me take my IV out and shower. I honestly didn't GAF about wearing the hospital gown. I was way too tired to think about an outfit change until I showered. The second day was my button front PJ set. Then just the outfit I went home in.

    I also never used my labor music playlist, (HA!) my birthing ball, or half of the other shit that I thought I would need during labor. 
  • My friend gave me a "cute" hospital gown and I thought that was weird till I needed it :) I ended up in no shape to wear real clothes but flashed everyone in the actual hospital gowns so the nice nurses helped me put this on.

    Then slippers, toiletries, books (if you get an epidural you're just hanging out till it's go time!), chapstick, snacks, and for baby I only had a coming home outfit, they had sleepers and sleepsack and bottles if needed.
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