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Late HDBD 2/16/17

late, but I wanna see these babies! 

Re: Late HDBD 2/16/17

  • Some cute boys!
    Little girl is sitting for only about 30sec at a time, but she's getting there! She was 5mo on the 8th.
  • OMG @jellybiehn she looks so itty bitty.
  • Lol...Yup. She is 5 1/2 months and just swimming in her little 6 month onzie. She still fits in the 3 month ones....Making it hard to guess what size to buy her summer clothes in! 
  • Xavier is the same way. He is small enough weight wise to still fit in his three month onesies but lengthwise he needs the six month onesies. His closet is a combination of three and six-month clothes because he is in between sizes.
  • Here is my baby boy. He turned 5 months on Sunday. Still isn't a roller but he can sit up on his own for a couple seconds at a time.

     Sounds like he has the same clothing issues as some of your babies. 3 months fits as long as it doesn't have feet. If it has feet then he needs 6 months, which are way too big. So annoying!

  • @bartonolivia what?!? That's crazy! Do you know his weight/length? 
  • That boy is a beast. He doesn't look that big. Still love his hair. Yes what are his measurements?
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    Luke won't be 5 months until the last day of the month and he is in 9 months and 12 month clothes. 6 month anything is long gone from his closet. Need to take a pic tomorrow and show you guys!

  • @jennlynn777 I thought my LO seemed big! Guess not!!
  • At his 4 month appt he was 18 pounds and 26 inches. 
  • Well Xavier isn't too far behind on the length. He was 24 3/4 inches at 4 months and pretty sure he had grown almost two inches since then. The weight he has him beat. Xavier is skinny. He was 11 lbs at his 4 months. Thinking he is about 13 now.
  • Just checked his 4 month post  lol he was 27 inches. He's grown a size up since then so I'm sure he's longer now 
  • You are going to have a giant on your hands before you know it.
  • Yeah Luke isn't even that big! I'm not sure how you haven't purged your 6 month clothes yet. Luke has one onsie  that is 6 months that fits him. He is currently 26 inches long at 4 months but no idea on the weight until his next appt. in March. He was almost 15 lbs at the beginning of Jan. So I will be interested to see what he is in March. I have one of the younger babies in the group having been born on the last possible day ;-) Anywho! I haven't shared photos since he was born! He is a super chunker!

  • I swear I have the oldest kid in this group and think he may be the smallest lol. Of course he was born almost 4 weeks early but he was normal weight for a baby that early. He would've been a 7-8 lbs baby had he gone to term. Just crazy the size difference you see among babies around the same age.
  • My 20 month old was a small and tall one too. He was only 12 pounds at 16 weeks old. And was in 6-9 month clothes at age 1. I have 2 complete opposites! Lol 
  • @jenkar01 I was thinking the same thing! Lol. She was pretty well on time, only a week early and just over 6 lbs. She did have a knot in her umbilical cord so I used to think that that had contributed to her smallness but she is staying pretty tiny so I think it is just her normal. 
  • omg 18lbs 1 oz!!!!!! That's incredible! When I think about big babies I always think about Dwight Shrute from the Office! "Superior genes" and "Thirsty babies" LOL

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