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I have been temping religiously, and started using CB opk advanced. I got flashing smileys CD15-18. I got a temp spike on CD16. Could I still have ovulated despite the opk only showing flashing smiley? One more day of elevated temp to confirm it I guess, but is three days of elevated temp really enough to confirm ovulation? 

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    @m2b123 Hi! Welcome! I am going to reiterate what @BusinessWife  so eloquently said and add feel free to introduce yourself in this week's introduction thread. Also, as @businesswife said, it is possible. **TW** One of my good friends never got a solid smiley face and she got KU. **end TW** I personally didn't temp this month, but only have gotten flashing smiley faces as well (to be fair I stopped OPKs yesterday), but am pretty sure based on correlating symptoms today is the day. That said, I didn't temp to confirm. But it is definitely possible. 

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  • Exactly what @BusinessWife and @KariAnn323 said. The average person has their LH surge at night in the wee hours. That is why a lot of OPKs recommend you test with second morning urine (SMU) because if it happened too close to when you woke up, it won't show up in your first morning urine (FMU). However the Clearblue Advanced OPKs (CBDA/CBAD, I write it both ways because  I don't remember what the specific wording is but it still gets the point across) do recommend you use FMU. But, obviously, not everyone is average. Some people, like KariAnn, have very short surges and would miss it if they weren't testing multiple times a day. Some people just have their main surge at a different time of day. And sometimes, those digitals just want a line that is so strong that it's really hard to hit the perfect timing and concentration to turn it. 

    If this isn't your cycle, I recommend you buy some Wondfos off of Amazon. You can get about 50 OPKs + 20 pregnancy tests for about $20. This way you can test multiple times a day. It will help you figure out when your surge is and help you to interpret what's going on. The one thing here is that you want to Google "Counterfeit Wondfos" to find a list of sellers who are legit. Amazon is having trouble with counterfeit with a lot of products and these are one of them. (Interesting recent article on Amazon's counterfeit problem: http://www.forbes.com/sites/susanadams/2017/02/13/after-selling-millions-family-run-makin-bacon-battles-amazon-counterfeiters/#3d62f78c5e7f

    *TW* Personally, I had one cycle where I never did turn a CBAD or a Wondfo, I believe it was due to hydration levels so my urine was always too dilute but I know I did O b/c I did get KU. Last cycle I didn't turn a CBAD even though I thought the line looked pretty dark when I ejected it but I got a blazing Wondfo in the afternoon. 
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