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Wednesday ticker change 2/15

no one's posed yet, I hope it's ok if I do. Sorry if the questions are out of order or if I forgot one.

How many weeks are you?

How big is baby?

How are you feeling?

Any appointments this week?


GTKY: Did you do anything V-Day, what gifts did you get or give? What's your favorite V-Day treat?

Re: Wednesday ticker change 2/15

  • How many weeks are you? 20

    How big is baby? A banana 

    How are you feeling? A little depressed but it's been a stressful week. Other than that ok, a little pain around my scar.

    Any appointments? I had my A/S yesterday, everything was great.

    Rants/raves/questions? Not at the moment, other than people need to stop with the belly touching. 

    GTKY: DH got me all the works, card, candy, flowers, stuffed animal. We had lunch, that's about it. My favorite treat is candy. Just give me all of it.

  • How many weeks are you? 19 weeks! 

    How big is baby? Apparently a mango. I don't feel like the fruit has really gone up in size since week 15, so I'mg getting annoyed with it. 

    How are you feeling? 
    It's been a rough week so far. M/s has come back, food aversions were really crazy today, and SAD is hanging around as always. It's supposed to be warm though, so I'm hoping to feel better this weekend. 

    Any appointments this week? 
    Not this week, but AS next week! 

    Rave for me today: I just love my MIL. She really is awesome. My SMIL caused a huge drama today, but my MIL not only cleared it up, but she commiserated with me and made me laugh too. 

    GTKY: Did you do anything V-Day, what gifts did you get or give? What's your favorite V-Day treat? 
    Yes! We went out for Thai food. I couldn't enjoy it as much as I wanted to cause I was feeling sick again, but it was still fun. I got a gorgeous diamond and sterling silver necklace from my hubby (on crazy sale!) and I got him Hershey kisses and little Valentines. I've been giving him one a day, normally with a massage attached (from me). This weekend he is getting two 1 hour long ones. I don't have a specific V-day treat, but I am currently obsessed with Ben and Jerrys PB and Cookie Non-Dairy. 
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    I was waiting for someone to post! @MrsLa3 maybe you should take over because nobody posted last week if I remember correctly.

    How many weeks are you? 

    How big is baby? artichoke

    How are you feeling? 
    I feel great this week!! I can definitely baby moving around, especially after dinner at night

    Any appointments this week?
    nope. Next week I have off of work for February Recess AND I have my anatomy scan!!!!! Can't wait.

    anybody look at cribs yet? I've been looking online. I definitely want a convertible one. 

    GTKY: Did you do anything V-Day, what gifts did you get or give? What's your favorite V-Day treat?
    we went to dinner over the weekend. We told eachother we weren't buying gifts but, we always do. I bought a couples massage for us (yay) and Dh got me a snoogle!!!! I've slept great the past 2 nights!! Favorite treat? Chocolate covered strawberries!! Yum.

  • Thanks for posting this @MrsLa3 i don't think there's a usual poster - I've done it a few times and I can't remember who did it before. 

    How many weeks are you? 20 (plus 1 day technically, I'm posting late!)

    How big is baby? A banana or an endive...

    How are you feeling? Great! I have a huge appetite. Not too many other changes happening at the moment.

    Any appointments this week? Had my anatomy scan yesterday, and everything about our little boy looked perfect! I have a normal doctors appointment on Tuesday.

    Rants/Raves/Questions? Count me in on the "anterior placenta" club! Which I guess is why feeling kicks has been so sporadic for me.

    GTKY: Did you do anything V-Day, what gifts did you get or give? What's your favorite V-Day treat?
    We didn't do anything, but we are going to a B&B this weekend as our "celebration." DH has been sick the past few days, and we both worked late on Valentine's Day so I got him a card and that was all. I'm not that big on chocolate and don't really care about the gift giving part so we pretty much just skip it and plan a nice outing for the weekend after. 
  • @kat0607 @MrsLa3 it used to be osucma but she has been pretty MIA (I remember her coming back and saying everything was fine, she was just busy, but it doesn't seem like she is coming back). I did it a few weeks, but I hate picking a GTKY lol

    How many weeks are you? 
    20! holy crap - halfway?!

    How big is baby? Banana!

    How are you feeling? 
    Pretty dang good! I have been getting some back/neck pain at work which is annoying. I need to bring my heating pad in but I keep forgetting. 

    Any appointments this week? 
    None until 2/28 :(

    Rant - MIL. That's all. Rave - I went shopping over the weekend and got maternity clothes and some baby clothes. Loving it all :)

    GTKY: Did you do anything V-Day, what gifts did you get or give? What's your favorite V-Day treat? 
    I am not big on 'hallmark holidays'. We didn't do anything lol. Favorite treat, definitely Reese's. ALWAYS Reese's. 
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  • I can do it every week if I need too. @Rae1 I agree GTKY are hard to come up with.
  • @MrsLa3 @Rae1 when I do it, I usually steal a GTKY from another BMB or one of the daily/weekly threads on TTGP.
  • Late to the show as always... 

    How many weeks are you? 

    How big is baby?  chipmunk, game console controller, pomegranate,creme brulee  

    How are you feeling? 
    Finally getting some energy back and as long as I still take my diclegis, I feel great.  Other than that the heartburn and sciatica is ramping up and I've had some serious RLP.  

    Any appointments this week? 
    Nope.  Nothing until my a/s on March 9th

    DH is out of town for work and had a kidney stone last night.  He spent all night in an ER in another state, alone.  I feel so bad for him.  He's had them before but this was by far his worst one and he said his pain was up to a 9 at the worst of it.  I wish I could have been with him. 

    GTKY: Did you do anything V-Day, what gifts did you get or give? What's your favorite V-Day treat? 
    We only exchanged cards which was totally fine with me.  MIL had DS so she could take him to school the next morning since DH was flying out so we got to have a toddler free dinner out.  Everything was packed because we found out last minute she was taking him so we ended up at Olive Garden.  Food was awful but company was great.  It was nice to have some time to ourselves.  Favorite VDay treat is lindt truffles.  Yummm.

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