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Ten Things Tuesday | Valentine's Edition 02.14.17

What's got you lovin' life???

Me: 34 | DH: 41 ~ Married / TTC since May 2015
5/16 - Began Creighton Method CM Tracking / Napro Fertility Medicine | Progesterone + various abx cycles - all BFNs
8/16 - SHG: ute good, at least one tube open | 10/16 - MFI Azoo dx confirmed. No known genetic cause. Vas tubes absent.
3/17 - DH started Clomid to prepare for MESA/TESE | 4/17 - Initial RE Consult for me. | 7/17 - Successful retrieval for DH!
9/17 - Two BTB IVFs  | 10/17 - Polypectomy  |  11/17 - 1st FET ended in CP | 12/17 - 2nd FET ... BFP!!! <3 EDD: 09/09/18

Our little miracle is on the way...

Re: Ten Things Tuesday | Valentine's Edition 02.14.17

  • @BusinessWife 5 lbs is awesome! 

    1. It's Valentine's Day. I love holidays even if they're cheesey and a Hallmark holiday 
    2. My husband filled my car up with gas last night and I didn't know until this morning. Made me very happy! 
    3. I get to have pasta for dinner. I've been logging calories and tonight they don't matter and I am so looking forward to it! 
    4. My instant pot was supposed to be delivered in March but I got an email that it'll be here by Thursday!!!!
    5. I emailed a seller from Amazon asking for a part that fell off of a toy we bought for Christmas for our son and instead of sending the part, they're sending us a whole replacement. 
    6. My son slept like a rock last night. We were up all Sunday night due to a double ear infection so I'm glad he's feeling better and was comfortable enough to sleep. 
    7. Coffee. All the coffee. 
    8. They're having a bake sale at work today and I just got to sample a cookie. Oh em gee I love cookies 
    9. Etsy. I found a card where you calculate the number of days you've been together and that number is on the front of the card. So cute. And we're at 5,276 days for anyone interested. 
    10. My husband and our son in general. I am one lucky lady and I do realize that every day. Even when life is crazy and I feel like I don't have time to breathe (which has been A LOT lately) I love my boys and they always make me happy and thankful 

  • @50Wife one good thing about living in NJ is we can't pump our own gas, so we stay at a good temp and dry inside our carts!
    It's funny how it's the little things in life that mean the most...not where you live, or what you drive, or the price tag on your clothes... There's no dollar sign on a piece of mind, this I've come to know! *ZBB*

    Me: 34 DH 32.5     Married 7/16
    TTC  9/2016     BFP 12/9/16    EDD 7/21/17    MC 1/8/16 at 8 weeks
    TTC  2/2017  BFP 3/6/17   EDD 11/20/17

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  • @NYTino24 that is probably the one thing I will never say bad about Jersey.
    Those damn jug handles on the other hand...
    Like, pick a side.  Do I need to be in the left lane or right lane to make a left turn??? 
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