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Charities/Causes For Pregnant Women?

Hi Ladies!

Question for you all. Do you know of any charities/causes that work to help pregnant women in difficult circumstances (i.e trafficking, incarceration, homelessness, domestic abuse)? DH and I are throwing a co-ed shower/gender reveal party in a couple of months and we really want to use the occasion to collect donations for a cause to help other babies.

I am residing in California, but we are interested in causes that work nationally/worldwide as well.

Thanks in advance!
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Re: Charities/Causes For Pregnant Women?

  • Lovely, lovely idea. 
  • @Feliciosity This is a great idea! I don't know of any national charities. There is a local abused woman's shelter near me, do you have anything like that? If so, I would probably try contacting them to see if anyone there is pregnant.
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  • That's so nice of you and DH to do that!  I know where I live we have a "Young Women's Resource Center" that makes baby boxes at certain times throughout the year for those in need. It's not a shelter but more a resource for young women in many different capacities. They also do tampon/pad drives and such too. Maybe there's a place like that near you?

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  • Hi ladies! Update! It took some SERIOUS digging, but I found a local shelter! I cannot believe how hard it is to find things like this! It's a refuge for pregnant women/mothers with young children... from all kinds of situations. Interesting thing is, the only thing they ask to be donated is clothing of all kinds for their thrift shop. So we are hosting a clothing drive at the party now. :smiley:

    Thank you all for your encouragement! I had a some people telling me and DH that our idea was weird and we felt a little discouraged.
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  • Love this! So kind! I'm glad you were able to find a local group. If you're interested in donating more than clothes, Cradles to Crayons accepts baby items I believe. 
  • That was a lovely idea. Not known any charities who help pregnant women, but it this idea helps lots of pregnant women in difficult circumstances. Mostly charities work for mission humanity where people suffer any loss due to disaster. Donating to such charity is always be beneficial for working for mankind. My mom always believes in donating and working for a good cause. She recently donated funds on this site for helping the people in Africa for a great cause.
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