Miscarriage/Pregnancy Loss

Blog about pregnancy loss - breaking the silence

Hi everyone, I used to be a frequent contributor to this board but gradually dropped off as the time since my loss increased. I lost my daughter mid-way through my first pregnancy. I've recently started blogging about my loss and I've found it to be cathartic. I really wanted to speak about all the details since I think it's unfair that women are expected to keep quiet about their losses and simply move on, try again, etc.

I'm sharing my new post here because I believe it's one of the most important topics I've written about in the months I've been blogging. It's about how grief is a luxury many women in this country cannot afford after pregnancy loss. We need to add to the debates around reproductive justice in this country to include the experience of pregnancy loss, and how it is too often stratified by socioeconomic status. I would welcome your comments or thoughts: https://medium.com/@daniellejohnson_83/the-luxury-of-grief-48f846507cd5#.aivh5itzf

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