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Help with boy name please!

I am 28w2d with baby boy #2. DS1 is Logan Mathew (Mathew is DH's name). DH and I are having a hard time agreeing to a first name. We are settled on the middle name being Davis (my maiden name). Pretty much all of the boy names I have suggested, DH doesn't like. For a while we were thinking Griffin (nn possibility of Finn), but DH wasn't 100% on it. I started using it in hopes that it would grow on him, but unfortunately it had the opposite effect. DH decided that he really didn't like Griffin the more he heard it which was a big hit because I am absolutely in love with it!

DH suggested Henry, which I like but don't know that I love. I feel it is too "old-fashioned"/common and doesn't quite go with my overall name feel (if we have a girl she will be Ansley Moira), or with Logan. The only 3 names we have both agreed to put on our maybe list are:
Henry Davis
Lincoln Davis
Finley (nn Finn) Davis

What do you all think? Also open to other suggestions. I know we still have time, but I am obsessing! We already had Logan picked by this timeframe last pregnancy.
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Re: Help with boy name please!

  • I'm partial to Henry as I just named my DS Henry. Also, my maiden name is Davis too so I vote Henry Davis.
  • I think Lincoln fits your style best but I'm not a fan of two L names 


    Parker Davis
    Archer Davis
    Gavin Davis
    Elliott Davis
    Owen Davis
    Reid Davis
    Warren Davis
    Tyler Davis
    Seth Davis
    Calvin Davis
    Nolan Davis
    Bryce Davis

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  • I like Henry Davis a lot. I like Lincoln too, but wouldn't pick another L name. Parker Davis, Carter Davis, Miles Davis, Micah Davis
  • Maybe not Miles Davis... unless you hope your child to be super musical  ;)
  • Lol Miles Davis 
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  • My suggestions, based off


    Good luck! I hope you and DH are able to come up with something you both like!
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  • Henry! 
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