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  • @caribbeanmama thanks. Thankfully, as soon as we noticed the leaks we moved everything out of the way, so there's no furniture damage, at least that we can see. The building is responsible for repairing the damage to the apartment itself, so they're sending someone Monday for the carpeting. With the exception of the kitchen and the bathroom the entire apartment is carpeted and half of the bedroom and hallway are still damp and starting to smell musty so they'll have to do something about that. I'm not sure what they'll do with the walls since it was pouring down the walls too (and maybe within them?) as far as checking for mold and stuff. I'm grateful we don't have to pay for it, though!

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  • @yellow1daisy I cannot even imagine what you've been through  :'(  I'm so happy you got your rainbow!  That's exciting news about the house having the bathrooms finished - 4 full bathrooms?  All I can think about is the cleaning lol.  My husband and I rented a house before we got married and it had 4 bathrooms (it was way bigger than we needed) - but it would drive me up the wall because it's like he was a puppy with the crazy need to poop in all of them just because they were available lol!  So much unnecessary work to clean every week.  Anyways, I must be a real grownup now because the idea of choosing tile for the different bathrooms sounds exciting!!!

    @manilla bar that sounds pretty rough but I'm glad none of your stuff was damaged.  Sounds like you're handling it pretty well though, which is good.

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