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Anyone on Mirena iud??

I have only had it one week and I am terrified.  Reading all these horror stories about women ending up with MS.. or the iud in their stomach.. why did I do this? Im scared to leave it till I get period and also scared to remove it before I am done ovulating. We have only done it once and he withdrew, and it was on cd 6..  I ovulate usually on day 14-15.. so I assume removing it that day should be safe as sperm don't live longer than 7 days right? 

Re: Anyone on Mirena iud??

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    I had the Mirena for years and was fine. Don't read online horror stories or you will never do anything. There is some small risk with any type of birth control. 

    Also don't remove it yourself that is dangerous. If you really don't want it go back to your doctor. 
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    ok I am reading all these people that are disabled now. its terrifying.. 
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