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GTKY - You or Him

Stolen from Facebook. Thought it might be fun ! So go ahead and answer. Who is it ? You ? or YH?

•Who's oldest?
•Who was interested first?
•Same high school?
•Most sensitive?
•Worst temper?
•More social?
•Said "I love you" first?
•Hardest working?
•More sarcastic?
•Who makes the most mess?
•Wakes up first?
•Bigger Family?
•Who cooks the most?
•Who cries more?
•Better singer?
•Hogs the remote?
•Better driver?
•Better cook?
•Spends the most?

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Re: GTKY - You or Him

  • @Dilynne ; "He's good with animal facts"  LOL I don't know why that cracked me up. :D

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  • •Who's oldest?  My Husband
    •Who was interested first? He was
    •Same high school?  No 
    •Most sensitive?  I am
    •Worst temper? Me
    •More social? Me
    •Said "I love you" first? He did
    •Hardest working? Same
    •More sarcastic? I am
    •Who makes the most mess?  I do
    •Wakes up first? Me
    •Bigger Family? Mine
    •Who cooks the most? I do
    •Who cries more? I do
    •Better singer? Same
    •Hogs the remote? He does
    •Better driver?  Tied
    •Better cook? Tied for day to day cooking.  But I graduated with a culinary arts degree so I really am the better cook.
    •Spends the most?  He does
    •Smarter: Tied

  • •Who's oldest?  Him but only by 4 months
    •Who was interested first? It was pretty mutual
    •Same high school? No
    •Most sensitive? Me
    •Worst temper? Him
    •More social? It varies... 
    •Said "I love you" first? Him
    •Hardest working? Both
    •More sarcastic? Me
    •Who makes the most mess? Him
    •Wakes up first? Me on weekdays, him on weekends

    •Bigger Family? Me 

    •Who cooks the most? Me (he has literally never cooked)
    •Who cries more? Me
    •Better singer? Neither! 
    •Hogs the remote? Him
    •Better driver? Him
    •Better cook? Me
    •Spends the most? Pretty even, we both love spending money
    •Smarter: it totally depends on the subject 

  • @loveindc I'm glad I don't have the only H who's idea of cooking is take out. 

    @alysapuggles yes, H has pricey hobbies (like video games) but I can stop at Target every single day and drop small amounts each time that really add up!

    @kariann323 that's the perfect way to describe male and female tempers. We were talking about that around here the other day... I get mad quick but am over it quick. H can take a lot, but once he's mad, he's so slow at getting over it. Women are so much more efficient  ;)

  • LoveInDCLoveInDC
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    hartmich said:
    @loveindc I'm glad I don't have the only H who's idea of cooking is take out. 
    @hartmich No lie, when I moved in with DH, the only "food" in his fridge was beer and katsup. In his pantry was 2 bottles of vegetable oil that's were 3 years expired. Apparently he went to WaWa or 7/11 most days. Smh.
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  • Who's oldest? Him
    •Who was interested first? Hmm..can't remember, I think it was mutual.
    •Same high school? No, but same college.
    •Most sensitive? Me
    •Worst temper? Me
    •More social? Him
    •Said "I love you" first? I say me, he would say him
    •Hardest working? Both
    •More sarcastic? Both
    •Who makes the most mess? Me
    •Wakes up first? Him
    •Bigger Family? Him
    •Who cooks the most? Me, though pretty even
    •Who cries more? Me
    •Better singer? Him
    •Hogs the remote? Pretty even
    •Better driver? I say me, he would say him
    •Better cook? Me
    •Spends the most? Me (he still wears shirts from 10 years ago, it's like pulling teeth to get him to buy new things, especially clothes. probably better in the long run though)
    •Smarter: Him, though he would say me. 
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