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Have any of you been to the dentist while pregnant? I haven't been but need to go but I'm honestly kind of embarrassed by how much my gums bleed when I floss and brush my teeth since pregnancy (sorry if that is TMI). My OB said it's do to hormones, and it increases the bleeding and normal, etc. I'm wondering if I should just wait. They also always lean me back flat in the chair and that makes this pregnant lady dizzy! :) 

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  • I went to the dentist at the beginning of pregnancy. I told them at the start of the appointment that I was pregnant and they seemed to be more cautious. I have another appointment in May. I would just make sure to let them know your concerns before they start and I'm sure they'll accommodate. 

    I am really excited to turn down the x-rays at my next appointment. I know the lead vest makes it OK but if I even have a slight reason to not get those x-rays I definitely won't. They make me gag and then cough through the entire cleaning - every time! It's miserable.
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  • I say go. Last pregnancy I put off a filling for a minor cavity. While pregnant your body will naturally pull calcium and give to baby. This means minor teeth problems can become major problems. A few days after having my son the minor cavity cracked and I needed an emergency root canal. Leaving a few day old baby for a few hours is not ideal. Luckily they were super accomodating and gave me the novacain that is bf friendly, my husband brought the baby and they stopped half way through so I could nurse him. It was stressful and expensive.
  • Definitely go - 2nd trimester is the time to do it, and all of the fun pregnancy stuff (hormone changes, increased blood flow) can wreak havoc on your teeth. When in doubt, ask your ob's opinion!
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  • I went for a routine cleaning at almost 18w last month. I too let them know I was pregnant right away. The hygienist went over what I should do if i wasn't feeling well (to let her know, which way to lean if I needed to vomit, etc) and checked in with me regularly throughout the cleaning. My gums did bleed quite a bit and it wasn't fun (I really dislike the dentist in general), but I felt better after knowing that I got a good cleaning in. I'd say go!
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  • I have an appt next month. I'll probably ask them not to do the gum pokey test.
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  • It's very important to go to the dentist while pregnant.  As others have said just let them know you are pregnant and they'll take added precaution.
  • Definitely go for a cleaning!! Pregnancy is tough on teeth.  I did have a cavity filled my first pregnancy and would never do that again unless really necessary.  It was pretty uncomfortable.  

    I have a cleaning and a follow up from an abscess tooth I had last summer.  I want to make sure everything is good.  The abscess is the worst thing I've ever been through.  I would not want to do that pregnant. 
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    I went last week at 22 weeks, and they just didn't take x-rays and used flavor-less paste. Easy peasy.
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    My Dr and I talked about this during my last appointment (in January) she said there's no cut off date as to when you can go during pregnancy... just pass on the X-rays. You actually reminded me to call and make my appointment... thanks! Lol 
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  • I went at 7 months pregnant and would never do it again past early 2nd tri (I already can't lie on my back without feeling lightheaded and sick).
     I got very dizzy and sick-feeling from lying back in the chair and nearly passed out twice. The dentist had to keep giving me breaks.
    My next one is scheduled for next month. I'm going to call and move it to early summer after baby comes. I would have moved it sooner, but insurance will only cover a routine checkup every six months. 
  • I went at 7 months pregnant and would never do it again past early 2nd tri (I already can't lie on my back without feeling lightheaded and sick).
     I got very dizzy and sick-feeling from lying back in the chair and nearly passed out twice. The dentist had to keep giving me breaks.
    My next one is scheduled for next month. I'm going to call and move it to early summer after baby comes. I would have moved it sooner, but insurance will only cover a routine checkup every six months. 
    This is what I'm worried about! I get pretty lightheaded too laying down in a chair or flat back. I had a wax recently and was only laying down for like ten minutes and I thought I was going to pass out! 
  • I have an appointment next week already because it feels like the least likely time that I'll vomit/be uncomfortable during the whole pregnancy. 1st trimester was out of the question, I couldn't even brush my teeth without getting sick, and TBH I'm a little concerned that when I'm not the one in control it might still happen. But like everyone else is saying, pregnancy can be really hard on your teeth so I'd rather get the checkup and just warn them ahead of time of what might happen. I'm sure they've seen it before. 
  • I went about a week ago for a cleaning. Gums are definitely more sensitive when you're pregnant, but that's why it's so important to go. The hygienist was extra careful with me and it was fine.
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  • I went in November and am going again in May. The dentist got through it really quickly because I was Team Nausea. Probably not the most thorough cleaning but it's better than nothing.
  • Just went this morning. Lots of bleeding from my gums but they expect it and were more gentle. I hadn't been in over a year so I'm glad I got in and stopped putting it off.
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    I recommend going.  Most won't do x-rays during pregnancy, but cleanings and check-ups are still important.  I lapsed during my 2nd pregnancy and had an embarrassing number of cavities afterwards.  Babies leach calcium out of you.  
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  • I went when I was about 7/8 weeks along and just had a regular cleaning. I'm going again next week and will likely make my next appt for July. It's important to see the dentist while pregnant for them to check you for any deterioration of the gum tissue and to make sure you deal with any cavities...at least that's what I've been told.
  • I've been at 6 weeks pregnant and again at 7 months pregnant with DS and they were great. At 6 weeks they were super cautious to check in and make sure I wasn't getting nauseous as they were doing the cleaning. They even talked about dental care with vomiting and what to expect as far as gum bleeding and sensitivity. At 7 months they made sure I was comfortable as far as lying back and were okay allowing me to be sort of side-lying when possible.

    Don't skip dentist appintments, especially while pregnant! :)
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  • Yes yes please go!! During my first pregnancy I skipped my check-up appointments. Similar to @mombod 2 weeks after my DS was born I was getting shooting pain on one side of my head. I literally remember crying and breastfeeding at the same time because of the pain. Luckily I was able to have a root canal scheduled quickly, but it was definitely a very miserable 4-5 days.

    So as much as you can get ahead of any dental concerns, please do!

  • I think all this dentist talk jinxed me. I've been so nauseous that I hadn't had a cleaning in a while, and then all of a sudden yesterday morning my tooth fell out! It turns out it was actually a crown, but it took half the underlying tooth with it! So I was left with this half tooth crater in my mouth. My dentist got me right in and even though the tooth needs to come out, he said he was more comfortable waiting until after the baby and just filled it in with the cement stuff. I'm trying to decide if it feels like it will actually hold for 4+ months or if I'd be better off just getting it pulled. Guess I'll be calling my OB today to discuss her opinion on pulling it. Ugh. And of course on Valentine's Day!
  • @mamaelle27 ugh, hope it's not too painful or uncomfortable. 
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  • Hoo boy those pregnancy hormones and inflamed gums! I've never had a problem going to the dentist before, it's always been easy and painless with no bleeding and that was definitely not the case today! Teeth are still in great shape fortunately but she had to stop every few teeth to rinse the blood out of my mouth :grimace:
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    @CapricaAndrea that was my last appointment too. Feel better that its over with though right? 

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  • Ok, y'all have inspired me to take the plunge and just book the appointment. My gums have been really bothering me. 
  • Officially scheduled to have the tooth pulled tomorrow morning. It took 2 days of wrangling my OB/dentist/oral surgeon to get a game plan/appointment/referrals. I just want it over at this point. My only real concern is what kind of pain I'll be in afterward and whether Tylenol can handle it. At least it'll be the weekend and my husband can help with DD.
  • @Elyse1384 Thanks! That is awesome advice!
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