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Story Time

Today I went to story time at the local library. The librarian dumped toys on the middle of the rug and all the other babies were playing with the toys, but my son was trying to chew the toys. I was hesitant to let him play too. I'm worried about the germs. Would you let your baby chew on the public library toys or no?


Re: Story Time

  • I do, mostly because that's how she explores things right now, by putting them in her mouth. I figure it also builds their immune system. I am also by no means a germaphobe, so if you're particular about it then maybe stick to reading the books.
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  • My daughter is in daycare, so I'm 99% sure putting communal toys in her mouth is how she spends most of her day. While it's not ideal, it's inevitable and as @meggyme said I think it is further building her immunities.

    I'm also not a germophobe though.
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  • Thank you! It makes me feel better about allowing him to play with toys next time.
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