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Acid Reflux...prevacid vs nexium???

My 10 week baby girl has had a struggle with acid reflux and tummy issues since week 2. She was put on zantac initially...which did nothing for her. Then we tried Prevacid compound. It worked great!...but then at a little over the 2 week mark it just stopped working. Plus our insurance didn't cover it. So we moved over to the Prevacid solutabs. They seem to keep her reflux under control pretty well, however, it has given her horribly painful gas.  She cries and strains and toots ALL DAY. Nothing soothes it and i have tried it all ( gas drops, gripe water, colic calm, baby magic tea) It is almost as bad as dealing with her reflux pains. I have been just beyond frustrated and just want to help my sweet baby. 

Today i talked to her pediatrician and he is moving her over to Nexium. I am so scared to try something else in fear that it will not help her reflux or cause more problems/side effects.  We are going to a GI specialist but not for 3 weeks. 

Has anyone tried both/either meds? What were your experiences?
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