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Wednesday Ticker 2/8

For those due 3/1, 3/8, 3/15, 3/22, 3/29
Shoutout to @direwolfmini who is in the hospital due any minute! If you jump in, you can just let us know how you and the twins are doing.

How far along are you:

How big is baby:

Upcoming appointments this week:

Any new symptoms or changes:


GTKY: What is your current pregnancy mindset:

Re: Wednesday Ticker 2/8

  • How far along are you: 36 weeks

    How big is baby: big enough :P 

    Upcoming appointments this week: had perinatal Monday, have OB Thursday

    Any new symptoms or changes: his feet are up in my ribs making sitting at my desk extremely uncomfortable

    Rants/Raves: Rant - round ligament pain sucks, ILs are draining....Rave - room is ready to bring baby home 

    GTKY: What is your current pregnancy mindset: I'm kind of ready to be done, but would like him to stay put for at least a couple more weeks...coworkers are freaking me out saying they think he'll come this week or next
    Me (34) Hubby (36) Married since 4.2009
    Due with #1! EDD: 3/8/2017
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    How far along are you: 
    35 weeks

    How big is baby: canary melon, pineapple, mini-lop rabbit, bunch of carrots, BMO (from Adventure Time), carton of eggs

    Upcoming appointments this week: Just NST on Friday.  Let's keep our FX for low BP!

    Any new symptoms or changes: well I have had this terrible cold for the last 5 days, so i can barely tell what's because of that and what's pregnancy related.  I feel like there really hasn't been too much change.  Baby girl is still head down and low, so she's prepared for her entry.

    Rants/Raves:  Rant:  Man colds.  Men should all be quarantined together to see how miserable they are.  Rave:  Our crib is in!

    GTKY: What is your current pregnancy mindset:  I'm almost ready for her to be here.  I'm not completely miserable yet, but getting to the point of wanting to meet her (mainly so I can go back to eating what I want!)
    ME: 31
    DH: 33
    BFP: 07/14/16 EDD: 03/15/17
    It's a GIRL!

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  • Woo woo @direwolfmini
    Me too @mecoats  soooo frustrating!

    How far along are you: 
    36 weeks!

    How big is baby: cabbage patch doll 

    Upcoming appointments this week: I had one yesterday - had an u/s from measuring small but she measured just one day behind  at 35.5 - lil gal was covering up her face with her arm and hand so couldn't see much of her and the 3D ultrasound was a lost cause...luckily not too much longer til we see her in person! I got my GBS test and also got checked and I am totally closed which was expected. 

    Any new symptoms or changes: Nothing new - just ready to meet her!

    Rants/Raves: One last picture to hang before nursery is ready. My bags are packed!

    GTKY: What is your current pregnancy mindset: Anxious about delivery!
  • @direwolfmini you're so close!

    How far along are you: 37 weeks

    How big is baby: romaine lettuce , i thought we already did lettuce

    Upcoming appointments this week: mine are now every week, I had one last Friday and will have my next one this Friday.  So last Friday, I was dilated 2 cm, I had been eating the dates for two days at that point, doctor encouraged me to keep eating them. Baby was 6 lbs. Doctor said he believed when it's all done baby will be 7 lbs. 

    Any new symptoms or changes:  Everything seems like such a big chore. Losing my drive to do things, like cooking dinner, writing thank you notes for baby shower, eating dates. I had no problem unloading all the gifts and setting things up. 

    Rants/Raves:  Its a rant and a rave. I had my baby shower this past weekend, I got a lot of good stuff, but also a lot of stuff that I don't need or wasn't on my registry.  People ignored some basic essentials. I did one trip to one store yesterday, returning things and buying things I actually need. I got two more stores to do, but  unfortunately it still won't be enough to get everything. 

    GTKY: What is your current pregnancy mindset:  I've reached the paranoid part, scary dreams of baby getting hurt and dying, I ran my belly into furniture last night on the way to the bathroom, then flipped out that I hurt the baby and couldn't fall back asleep until I felt him kick. I'm starting to be more okay with a February baby at this point, just not Valentine's Day. 
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