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  • @cbeanz unfortunately as far as i have read, yes, the good bacteria don't discriminate. i can give you a link to an informative article on it if you like but it is from the point of view of avoiding GBS

    @Burrberrymum i wore a sports bra last time. 
  • @Burrberrymum Good point!  I hadn't thought of it until you mentioned it!   *packs bikini top in hospital bag*
  • @gators&;bosox Yeah I'd like to see the article.  I know it's too late to prevent it, since I've already tested positive. I'm also interested in ways to get probiotics into baby afterward.  But again, I can't do a vaginal swab/seeding since there will be GBS present this time. I know breastfeeding helps, but I want this baby to get a big dose of lactobacillus etc. as soon as possible.
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    @cbeanz this one has links within it pertaining to antibiotic treatment of GBS and here is another one i found helpful http://https//
  • @Burrberrymum I packed a sportsbra last time. Ended up naked. Packing a night/sports/nursing bra thing this time... we'll see if I have the time or mental capacity to get it on this go around. 
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