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Hey everyone! Newbie here!

Hey Gang!

My name is Kim - I cannot believe I am posting in this group!  I am 39, my husband is 52 (yeah, I know) - I got married three years ago.  My husband has two amazing kids from his first marriage (one in college, one graduating HS this year - yikes!) and although I always wanted to be a wife, I never really thought about being a mom - we have been married three years. My stepkids and I have an AWESOME relationship (they both live with us) and I just kinda thought that was it for me.  Well, clearly life had other plans - cuz I am knocked up.  Will be 8 weeks on Wednesday. 

My husband is over the moon - which is crazy since you would think he was kinda done raising kids with an 18 and a 20 year old - but he is super excited.  I am still getting adjusted - like i told a friend of mine this weekend "I am like Miranda on Sex and the City when she gets pregnant..."  haha.  

We are keeping it on the SUPER down low for now - told the kids and plan to tell my parents (who have been yelling and screaming for a grandkid for years) in person the weekend of Feb 17.  


Anyways - would love to make some "mom friends" on here - I live in Philly so let me know if you are local!

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Re: Hey everyone! Newbie here!

  • Congratulations! What a surprise! You'll probably find a great community in your birth month board. It'll be a group of women that are due the same month as you, and I know mine is still going strong now that our kiddos are born and growing. The folks on this board tend to be a little more transient.
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