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Opinion on Breast Pump for baby 2

I was wondering if anyone has used the Medela Freestyle pump?  Did you like it? Could you actually move around the house easily while pumping?  I used the Medela in Style for my first baby and it worked great love it, but I like the idea of the freestyle for baby 2 since I will have a 2 year old while I'm trying to pump.  The in style you are tied to an outlet and can't get up fast if needed.  Any opinions? 

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    I have the Freestyle. I have never used anything else so not able to offer comparables. I generally am seated when pumping and actively on a mobile device searching for dinner recipes, reading the news, emails, online shopping etc.
    I generally use wirefree bras (but very large busted 36DD) and felt the Freestyle didnt seem sturdy enough when hooked up.
    I have heard great feed back about the three wishes bra or similar. 


  • I used Medela PISA for my first (who is now 22 months), and am using the Spectra S1 for my second (who is now two months).  I have preferred the Spectra, both because it's hospital grade and very strong, and because it is cordless, so I CAN get up and move with my toddler if I need to, even though it isn't  a true hands-free.  I do use a hand's free harness (works better than pumping bras for me), though, so if I have to get up and tend to my son, I just pick up the pump (it has a nice handle) and go. I do like Spectra much more than the Medela I've used, for many reasons.  

    I went in for a consult on latch issues the other day, and we were talking pumps, just conversationally.  My lactation consultant RN friend was just saying that in her experience, the Freestyle is actually one of the less efficient pumps.  She said moms sometimes are convinced it is the better pump because it is one of the priciest, but it's actually less efficient.  So you may sacrifice efficient pumping for the mobility offered, which is certainly a valid choice, depending on your situation. 
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