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Pacifier - yes or no?

We got our little boy as a Christmas gift on the 24t Dec. We did not use pacifier yet but he started to by very itchy before sleep even I see he is tired. My friend recommend me a pacifier with an organic cute toy which I like very much and have already at home: see the link as there is a great discount now so I am sharing it:

My son loves it but cries when he lost it when sleeping and I need to get up to him many times a night. Fortunately this nice toy is easy to find:)
Is it also happening to you? Did you not have troubles with breast feeding as the sucking of pacifier is different than sucking a nipple? What opinion do you have for pacifiers?

Re: Pacifier - yes or no?

  • @Ivana S.  I had always thought I would be against pacifiers, but I actually find them useful.  Sometimes my DD just wants something for comfort, and I found using a pacifier allowed me to put her down and do things around the house.  As for the difference between pacifier sucking and nursing, I didn't have any issues, but due to health issues with my DD, I didn't nurse her very long.  I ended up pumping and feeding that, supplemented with formula.  She had trouble latching and sucking.
  • We use them. He actually didn't like them at first, and we were fine with that. He got older and likes them and actually introduced them before the 4-week mark that is recommended. However, there was no nipple confusion (I wasn't able to nurse long, so we supplemented with bottle feedings), so he must have figured out the difference.

    Now we just have a problem with him keeping them in sometimes. We have Wubbanubs and Jollypop (from the hospital).
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  • We sort of introduced the pacifier with rare use at around 1 week old.  Our pediatrician said it's unlikely to cause nipple confusion because no milk comes out of it.  Our LO doesn't really like them though.  We've tried several different brands.  He'll only take it about 1/4 of the time we offer it, and we have to hold it in his mouth or it will pop right out.  We have had issues with him crying if he falls asleep with it in and it falls out, so usually we take it out of his mouth (or let it fall out) before he is fully asleep.
  • We use pacifiers all the time, it doesn't seem to harm the baby's latch at all. 

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