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Re: Petty Problem Sunday 1/29

  • My DH uses my pumped milk like it grows on trees.  Seriously, dude, use the OLDER milk first, and finish the milk you took out for the last feed before taking out another one.  And don't give the baby a bottle if I'm available to breast feed unless I've asked you to give a bottle.  We've had a number of issues with the baby intermittently rejecting bottles, and DH doesn't follow any type of system when he feeds, making it impossible to figure out why LO does it (is it that the milk is too old?  Is it that it was stored in a bottle vs a bag?  Was it not heated enough?) so I feel like we're just going to keep wasting milk.  We've discussed this issue numerous times and he still doesn't get it.  He's pretty smart and savvy in all other parts of life so his inability to do this just makes me feel like he doesn't get/doesn't care what a pain it is for me to pump all this milk and have him waste it, no matter how many times I tell him.
  • My petty problem is our dog.  I love her, but does he really have to lay down in the walkway between the dining room and the kitchen?  She has a bed in the dining room, on the other side of the table so it is not in the path to the kitchen, but she would rather lie down on the hard floor than on her orthopedic bed.  So I have to constantly step over her to get into the kitchen to get bottles, clean up, etc.  And as I step over her (I should mention she is 75lbs, so a big dog), she raises her head and then I accidentally kick her in the face.  Nearly every time.  Just move the f*** to your bed!  That is why we put it where we did, so I wouldn't have to step over her all the time while I was pregnant.  Nope, never moved, still doesn't.  
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  • My petty problem is DS2s reflux/colic/formula issues. He's been on Similac comfort for a week and a half now, and suddenly refuses to eat it a majority of the time, letting it dribble everywhere instead of swallowing it. Does he not like it? Does he just have issues swallowing? Does he need to switch formula again? What the hell is going on kid?! 
  • @penelope4612 - oh hell no!! As an EP'er, not an ounce can go wasted. I'd lose my shit of any was getting dumped for any non-legit reason
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  • Ever since changing from ready to feed Enfamil formula to the concentrated liquid Enfamil Erin has been having shitsplosions! I would assume that the ready to feed and the concentrated liquid you add water to are quite similar but I have no way of knowing if that is what's causing these messy poos. Before we changed the formula (due to pricing) she was having soft but solid bowl movements. Now it's just scary and everywhere! 
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    DH has been traveling for work M-Th for 2 months now (minus Christmas week and the week Lucas was born). He got home late Thursday night, has been working on house projects all weekend, and will leave again first thing in the morning. I just pulled out all his clothes from the suitcase, washed them, and am now folding them so he can pack them again. I miss him. I miss having another adult in the house during the week. Being a single mom to 3 kids for 4 days a week is hard. 

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