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Healthy Weight Gain 101

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Okay, truth time. 

I gained 70lbs while pregnant with DS. Lost almost all of it (I was like 8lbs away) and got pregnant again. Unfortunately I had a MMC. But between pregnancy and the MC, I gained about 20lbs. 

So I am starting this pregnancy about 25-30lbs more than how I started my pregnancy with DS. 

I desperately want to make healthier choices this time around. I am very guilty of literally "eating for two" 

Anyone have any tips or advice? Anyone want to do a fitness/healthy eating check in??

Re: Healthy Weight Gain 101

  • Yes! I gained 35 lbs with my DS but started overweight so should have only gained around 20-25. I lost it all and gained some of it back over the holidays....
    now Im starting this pregnancy 10 lbs heavier than with my son. I definitely want to keep weight gain to a MINIMUM. 
  • I was starting to do Insanity last month and then got my first post-mc af and it was so horrible I couldn't work out. Never got back into it. DH is big into fitness and healthy eating, so he is going to help me get in some sort of daily exercise. I'm just super paranoid since I have had SCHs my last two pregnancies, and wouldnt be shocked if it happens this time also, so if I spot, my PGAL brain will freak. 

    So I'm working on trying to get my junk food habit under control, so at least I'm doing something better lol. Honestly, it all comes down to just keeping junk out of the house and more fresh produce. Not to mention, snacking in carrots or making myself some fruit salad (bananas, grapes and strawberries with cool whip) helps with the constipation issue a little.

    Oh I love using My Fitness Pal to track everything. Something about seeing my calorie count all written out for me helps me make better food choices too.

    As far as a check-in, there will be one every Thursday, so we'll definitely have a place to vent, talk and gather more tips :)
  • Yeah I def suffer from this as well.  I am pregnant with my third but still have weight carried over from the past 2 pregnancies that I just couldn't get off.  I was working out the past 2 months so I plan on still keeping active at the gym through this pregnancy so I do not gain too much.  first one gained 45 second gained 25.. third one ...?  lol

  • I tipped the scales at almost 208 right before I had my DD in August 2015. I started the pregnancy at 175lbs. So fast forward to now, i have lost all the baby weight and then some (i am right at 155). I got diagnosed with celiac disease and cutout all gluten and a lot processed food. I drink pretty much only water and coffee only in the am. The only exercise i do is chasing after my very active 17 month old. Im so nervous to put the weight back on. But honeslty, i ate like shit when i wad pregnant with DD. This time I eat a lot cleaner, so hopefully that keeps me from gaining. 
  • +1 guilty of eating too much with my DD. I gained about 65lbs. I'm down about 40 but still 25 lbs heavier than i started out last pregnancy. I know my doc is going to tell me i can only gain the min of 20-25 lbs since i'm overweight now.  I will definitely not indulge as much as last pregnancy. I'm hoping chasing my 19 month old will help too. 
  • I gained 33 pounds with ds, I lost it all by 6 weeks pp
  • I would love to have a health/fitness check in. With my DD, I was working out in the beginning, but it made me nauseous and as a first time mom, that freaked me out. This time around, I want to keep up with my work outs (obviously under the guidance of my OB), and eat healthier than I did last time as well. 

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    I gained almost 40lbs with my first, 30 with my second (I never lost the last 10lbs after my first so my end weight was the same). Hoping for about 35lbs this time around. I focus on eating clean whenever possible (homecooked meals, lots of veggies, water, etc) and stick to my favorite shakes which helped me bounce back to my prebaby weight after baby #2
    It will be interesting to see what kind of cravings I get this time around, and what I can stomach during the first tri. 
  • I'm starting at 185 and hoping to not gain more than 20 based on the recommendation for obese people. Right now my weight is dropping as I've been eating better, not drinking beer, and getting a lot of regular exercise including some weightlifting. I'm also getting nauseous mid-way through eating, so I think my portion size is dropping. I'm trying to counter that with some healthy snacks inbetween meals.
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  • I knew I was going to get pregnant as soon as I loss the baby weight from my first baby or close to it! Lol. I'm 7 lbs heavier than when I started last time. My goal is to only gain 15-20 lbs this time and I plan to pretty much stick to my workouts the first trimester and modify as needed. My first pregnancy started off with a sprained wrist and I just stayed lazy. I was already a little over weight before I got pregnant so I shouldn't need to gain a ton of weight!
  • I need to check in as well. I'm like 30 pounds heavier starting out this go around. I gained 40 last time and lost most of it then got lazy and gained it all back. I'm worried I won't even be able to wear any of my old maternity clothes. :( but... this time I plan to be much more active and eat healthier to set myself up for an easier time getting back to a healthy weight after little one arrives. 
  • @mbledsoe06, glad I'm not the only one afraid my maternity clothes won't fit this time around!!! I feel so embarrassed about it. Luckily this baby is a completely different season than DS, so I have an excuse to buy more clothes since I have no summer maternity clothes!
  • "How to Exercise When You're Expecting"

    Loved this book during my last (3rd) pregnancy. 

    During my first 2 pregnancies I gained a ton of weight. My last pregnancy I followed these exercises decently, did light weights and only gained 25lbs. It was a good pregnancy.
  • @mommac2017 I moved around the thread "roster" a little bit. Are you up for heading up the exercise/Fitness check in? You dont necessarily have to start it, but just to make sure it gets done if no one else starts it by mid-day, kwim? I moved it from Thursday to Sunday, but let me know if you want a different day.  Should we title it something different, more like "healthy living check-in"? I think making it less "exercise" geared will make it apply to a lot more ladies who just want to make sure they're eating well too.
  • @sjohns08, sure! I can start it! And Sunday is a great day because I assume a lot of people use Sundays as their meal planning day for the week! 

    I agree with changing the name too. Healthy Habits Check In maybe?
  • I was heavy with DD, getting pregnant at 185, gained 32 lbs. I lost all but 5 lbs of it, which has slowly creeped back on over the last 4 years due to a lot of different reasons.... I'm now 3 lbs under what I was when I gave birth to DD. I'm terrified of being this large while pregnant. It was uncomfortable, exhausting, and physically painful for DD.... add 4 years and 29 lbs on to that.... I have no clue what I'm going to do. Are we allowed to lose weight while pregnant? Is that even possible?
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  • @azerimama, I know of people that have lost weight during pregnancy. Especially during first trimester. HOWEVER, this should only be under the watch of your doctor!!! I don't recommend it otherwise. Myself I am trying really hard to not gain anything during first trimester. As you don't need to gain a lot then. And that's where I go all out and get into bad habits!
  • I'm already heavier than I want to be starting out so I'm trying not to gain a whole ton of weight. Just trying to stick with eating healthy and light exercise and hopefully I won't do too bad. I'd be up for a check in! Should help keep me on track!

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  • I'm already at a rough start. I too am starting at about 30lb + than when I got pregnant with my first child. I got on scale last night and am already up another 10lb so let us just call me obese at this point even though most people don't have a clue what I wear because "I carry it well" according to them. I'm fearing gaining too fast so I am knocking certain things off my meal menu real fast and trying to get back to the healthy stuff.I can't take the medications I was on to help assist in weight loss now so i'm sure my body is retaining a crap ton of water and or sodium from the crazy ravished attack food modes I had the past two weeks  :s
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  • Well I'm glad I'm not alone.  I gained 40 pounds with the first and lost it but gained 10 back with the stress of ttc.  My chart says I'm overweight so I'd like to not gain as much too.  I haven't been great at exercising lately so I wonder if doing some low strenuous exercises would be ok.  I know they say if you were exercising before it's ok but I wasn't....OPPS!  I'm sure my Dr. will let me know next week.

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  • @ShakeUpTampa I'm sorry. That seems really frustrating. Cutting down on processed foods should eliminate a lot of extra sodium from your diet and help with not retaining as much extra fluid.

     I'm up about 20 pounds since my husband and I started trying 2 years ago (went from overweight to obese :T), and I was doing a new nutrition/fitness program that seemed to be working really well when I got my BFP. Now my doctor is telling me to cut out the workout portion as he feels it's too strenuous (not sure I really agree). I've currently flatlined on my weight, and I'm hoping I can keep it that way until the point where gaining is important. It's so hard though because right now I'm hungry all the time. I'm trying to use MFP to keep track of my calories and not go overboard.
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  • Guys. I'm 7 weeks today and I'm up 4lbs in the last 3 weeks. My goal was to not gain any weight first trimester. I want to cry. How is this happening? I'm vomiting 3-4 times a day!!! How am I gaining weight?!?!
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    Last pregnancy the best thing for me was just to keep moving. At work i'd set a reminder 3x per day and make sure to get up and walk around outside for 15 mins. Just doing that was 1.5 miles per day. Also, my dogs were my workout buddies and I would walk them morning and night. Diet is huge too, try to make good choices with protein, fruit, veggies and less sugar or refined carbs. Everything we eat baby eats also, so just remember you want babe to be fueled with good food instead of crap! That always helps me eat better knowing baby is eating it too :) (sorry babe, no flammin' hot cheetos for you!) 

  • I am trying to be really mindful this time around. I gained almost 45 lbs with my second. After having her , I was still up 30 lbs. thankfully I lost it all, but am really trying to be more mindful. 

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  • I'm trying to be conservative. I kind of went a little crazy for the second half of my last pregnancy since I had only gained about 5 pounds at 20 weeks. I ended up gaining 30 overall, most of which was during 3rd Tri. I'm going to try and keep things a bit more even this go around, especially since I suspect I might have had mild undiagnosed GD (didn't fail my glucose test but came close and consistently had ketones in my urine toward the end). 
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  • I only gained 22lbs with DD  (she was 10 days early so I'm sure I would have hit the 25 lb mark).  The most important thing for me is having healthy snacks on hand and meal planning on the weekends so I have healthy stuff for dinners. I kept up my workouts but if you don't normally workout try to go for walks. And try not to stress TOO much,  you're making a human,  everyone's body reacts differently!! 
  • This is my first pregnancy, so I have nothing to compare it to.  I've probably been the healthiest I've ever been in my entire life the last two years-ideal weight, strong, lots of energy.  It was A LOT of work to get there as I was 25+ pounds overweight and had shit eating habits.  I'm really worried about getting back (or close to) that after the baby is born.  Right now working out takes effort, and my diet has turned upside down.  I used to eat lots of fruits, veggies, protein and little carbs.  Now it's sugar, carbs and all the ice cream (because veggies sound really gross to me right now!).

    I understand it takes time, but I want to maintain a healthy exercise habit as much as I can throughout my pregnancy so I can ward off any additional weight gain aside from what is necessary to maintain a healthy pregnancy.
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  • My first pregnancy and I've been struggling with my weight for years. Dr said since I'm 204 to not gain more than 15-20 pounds the entire pregnancy. Not sure that's possible but I'm trying. Goal for first trimesters is to stay at or under 205.
  • I only gained 7lbs with my first pregnancy and my son came out at 8lbs 5oz. I'm starting off with this pregnancy significantly thinner (thanks to roller derby + diet/exercise), I think about 25 lbs. so I think I'll be gaining more weight this time around, but honestly I hope not! I had an October baby with my last pregnancy and walked all the way up until I went into labor and did plenty of squats and prenatal yoga. Did not watch my diet at all, though I limited caffeine and drank lots of water. I intend to do the same this time around and hope to exercise and eat cleaner once I'm feeling somewhat better and have more energy. 
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    My last time around I gained 12 but one of my midwives was constantly on my back about my weight. I'm heavy to start, I know full well my range to gain is between 11-20 lbs so I was damn proud of that 12 lbs. 
    This time, I'm trying to do more of the same from last time. I start everyday with a green smoothie, I go to the gym after I drop DD off at school. I researched a lot of pregnancy workouts and I've settled into a routine at the gym but I'm very forgiving of myself and skip some things depending on how I feel. 
    The biggest thing I can say was not drinking soda, but also just be kind to yourself! Make little changes not big ones. Little things are easier to stick to and during pregnancy is not the time to cut yourself off from things because when you do break you will eat so so so so much of what you tried to cut. Everything is fine in moderation as long as there aren't other health issues at play. 
    Oh! And swimming! Swim. Find a place you can swim. It's great as you get further because it's the one place you don't feel so heavy, it's gentle on your body when everything feels sore. 
    So far I haven't put on anything this time around but I'm only 8 weeks. I'm watching closely though. I don't want to end up high risk just because of weight. 
    Side note. Being heavy at the start makes me feel crummy when I see other mommas with cute bumps. My bump isn't cute, I just look fat. So I don't tend to post, or even take, week by week bump photos because there's nothing to see, just chub. 
  • @GenTK I felt the same way about the HDBD post - everyone was so cute with the tiny bumps! I felt so happy for them but so crummy for myself. I'm 12 wks today and look 25wks, and I was already about 20lb larger than I've ever been when I got BFP. I felt really crummy about it until yesterday went I got excited for my ticker change. As a FTM I don't want to miss these moments - so taking my first belly pic today, no matter how bad it looks lol. 
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  • I only gained 22lb with DD...I didn't have the "eating for 2" mentality. Kept my diet the same (minus wine which saved me calories) and indulged in something sweet 1-2×/week. I think staying active is key. I kept up my workouts 5x/week throughout.  On days I didn't have energy I walked my dogs.  It definitely helped me bounce super quick afterwards.  Anytime I wanted to over indulge in would ask myself "do I really want to have to work this off after baby"
  • I gained 40lbs with DD. I was 208 before i had her. Lost it all and then some. I got diagnosed with celiac disease. Cut out pasta, baked goods, beer, bread... The. Weight melted off. This time I'm optimistic. I've gained 3lbs so far (I'm11 weeks). Hopefully chasing after my almost 19 month old helps keep the weight off a long with eating cleaner!
  • I think I may be starting to have a bump. But only noticeable to me, it feels really firm. I'm 12 1/7 today. But I've never gained any weight yet! It's always been the same everytime I visit my OB. I eal a lot! I'm always hungry, I always try to eat healthy and a bit more. A healthy diet check in would really help!

    Also I'm told not to worry about gaining weight uet this early in my pregnancy so I try not to fret about it.
  • I gained almost 60 lbs with my first! I had just gotten married and was deeeeeeelighted to not be dieting for the first time in a year so i went a little too crazy. I lost 40 of what i gained but i'm starting out overweight this time. Doctor advised me to gain no more than 20-25 lbs. Thus far with this pregnancy, i've lost 3 lbs from being so sick. Last pregnancy by this point (11 weeks 4 days) i gained 10 so i'm sure my doc will be pleased things are going the way it did last time. I've been trying to work out but being sick and the weather being too cold for walks has made it tougher.

    Bring on the spring so i can just walk every where to keep my weight in check.
  • Another random perspective - I had relatively mild eating disorder issues when I was younger (mostly high school, some college). When I was pregnant with DD, I asked the nurses not to tell me what my weight was. I closed my eyes when I got on the scale and they didn't say it out loud. I asked them to let me know if I gained too little or too much and I would adjust my eating habits accordingly - but I really didn't want to become fixated on the number on the scale.

    I think you're doing the right thing by trying to just be healthy - so try not to fixate too much on the numbers. Just focus on your (and LO's) health.
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