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Sleep training baby with a toddler in the next room

I want to begin sleep training our 9 month old son but am not sure how to go about it with out waking up his 3.5 year old sister who sleeps in the next room. She has always been a pretty light sleeper and I am concerned that his crying will keep her awake or cause her to not get the full amount of sleep that she needs. Right now in her room, she has a cool mist vaporizer running (for her allergies) along with white noise and her door is always closed. Has anyone had any experience with a similar situation? I am desperate to get him sleeping better at night as he is currently waking up about every hour to hour and a half and it's taking it's toll on, not just one me but him as well. He is completely healthy and well fed during the day so I really feel as though these night wakings are an inability to self soothe and just a bad habit at this point. Any sincere and helpful thoughts would be most appreciated.

Re: Sleep training baby with a toddler in the next room

  • @coco0723 I had the same worry. My 7-month old was sleeping in our room but was wanting fed every hour and i just couldn't take it anymore so we had to move her into her crib. Our bedroom doors are literally a step from each other and we have hardwood floors so i was really worried that the crying would wake my 3.5 yr old. We did CIO with our 1st so with our new little one we decided to do the same thing and i was ready to have to go into Big Sister's room when baby woke her and tell her everything is ok little one is just hungry but i haven't had to. It's been about a month and if she does wake from the crying she goes back to sleep on her own. 
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