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Grand View Hospital delivery gowns

OK so I feel like this is a really silly and inconsequential question, but I was wondering for anyone who has delivered at Grand View Hospital in Sellersville... What are the labor gowns like?  Are they actual gowns and comfortable to wear as I'm waddling around the room in labor?  Or are they the typical "barely covers anything" hospital gown with like three ties in the back so my butt and boobs are exposed anytime I get out of bed?  I keep seeing these Gownies hospital gowns for sale, which have snaps down the back for the epidural as well as snaps at the shoulders for nursing/skin-to-skin.  I have read not to bother with cute "labor clothes" because they'll just get ruined anyway, but I want to be comfortable and able to move about without flashing anyone!  Has anyone used these labor gowns before for after delivery?  I wonder if it would be worthwhile for wearing it the two days in the hospital after delivery.  It's a $35 gown on Amazon, so I'm not sure if it's worth it or not.  I'm due in two weeks now and apparently these are the important questions, lol.  If anyone has recently delivered at Grand View Hospital, please tell me about the gowns, and if you have any recommendations.  Thanks!
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