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Hi! I just moved into my studio apartment 6 months ago and with the brokers fee, the move was $7,000. I was fine with the cost because it was just me and I felt I'd stay in the apartment for a few years, but I recently found out I'm pregnant and due in August. I don't live with the baby's father so it will still be just me and baby but how do I make that work? Space-wise I'm fine. It's small, but so is baby. I'm not concerned about that. I'm mostly concerned about sleeping! Do I have to wander around in the dark after baby goes to sleep or does baby suffer with the light on or do I get a bedside lamp and a room divider?? I'm so confused about how people do this. My lease is up in June and I thought about possibly moving to a 1-bed but I really don't want to shell out $7000+ AGAIN and only 2 months before baby is due. I'd rather use that money for baby. 

Have you lived in a studio with a baby? How did you make sleeping, etc work?

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    Hi!  A studio is manageable for sure!  My husband and I started our family in a tiny 1 bedroom with the baby in our room.  We had maybe 300 sq ft.  You just have to get creative.  I don't think a 1 bedroom would be any better plus moving is a pain-  especially if you like where you are.  Reasons to move for me... 5th floor walk up, no laundry facility in building or close by, loud or obnoxious neighbors, too hot/cold.

    Here's some ideas we used.  
    We had a light with a dimmer and it worked really well.  We could keep it dim but still see.  
    We had a mini crib/pack n play that we used primarily and it was small and easy portable.
    We got a swing and it took up a large foot print, but kept our sanity.

    The baby will sleep with low lighting and low noise (we also had soft music on all the time).  And trust me when I say sleep when the baby sleeps.  Especially if it's just you.  
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