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3 losses- very low HCG & no sac

Hello! I experienced 3 losses this year (January at 6 weeks, July at 6 weeks, and December at 7 weeks). These were my first and only pregnancies. Our RE thinks they are just bad luck and genetic. I had a RPL panel and everything came back fine. My husband and I both had karyotypes and they were normal as well. My doctor suspects I may have PCOS because of irregular, painful periods and high follicle count- however I am able to get pregnant easily and he does not believe the PCOS is impacting my pregnancies or miscarriages.

During my first pregnancy I did not have any bloodwork or ultrasounds before my loss. For my second and third pregnancy, my hcg levels were very low (less than 200 @ 5 weeks). Also, when an ultrasound was done at 5 weeks there was no sac. For my last pregnancy there was still no sac at 7 weeks. My progesterone has always been fine, but I took supplements this last time as an extra precaution (we also did clomid, hcg trigger shot, and IUI this last pregnancy). I did not have a D&C because my doctor did not think it necessary.

Here is my question.  Has anyone else had very low hcg levels and no sac?  Did your doctor have any suggestions or diagnosis other than "bad luck"? Have you had any tests outside of the RPL panel? I'm just so puzzled over having 3 consecutive losses and normal test results.

Thank you!

Re: 3 losses- very low HCG & no sac

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