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Womb Music- Fetal Doppler

Hi Ladies, I ordered this last time and because I had another miscarriage didn't even take it out of the package. I'm torn between returning it to Amazon or if I get that far, giving it a shot. Does anyone have experience with this kind? I bought it so I could try around 10 weeks so I don't have a heart attack before my 10 week appt worrying so much. I haven't even made the appt because I'm traumatized from the double header miscarriages this year. With both miscarriages I had strong heartbeats at 6 & 7 weeks so I know it's kind of meaningless but it would give me piece of mind at 10 weeks I think. 

Re: Womb Music- Fetal Doppler

  • I did look at that one when I was shopping for a Doppler but didn't buy it. I do remember it had good reviews so I hope it works for you! I was able to find hb at 10+4 with my sonoline B. It did give me a lot of peace of mind. I wish I could tell you if that particular one is good or not. 
  • Ahh thanks! I may hold on to it for now, then if I get that far I may spring for a sonoline b for peace of mind if this one stinks. 
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  • I'm sorry for you losses. I don't have that brand doppler. I have an angel sounds. I was able to find the hb at 9w 4d with it. 
  • I got my sonoline B online for about $30. Not a bad price. The one you have may work fine, but I can't say. 
  • Lurking from TTCAL, but I rented a Doppler from that was actually the exact same one my clinic uses ... it was about $16/month at the time and I did the 6-month plan. It worked great and came with gel included. Just in case you're looking for another option :) This is the model I got:

    *TW: LC Mentioned*
    I know it gave me peace of mind with my son's pregnancy as I had spotting throughout my pregnancy and had a hard time waiting 2-3 weeks between doctor's appointments to know everything was ok. This gave me peace of mind when I needed it, and I will definitely be renting again when I get pregnant with my next. 
  • Hi @jen83mn - when did you hear the HB first? I'm 9+4 and the womb music I can Barely hear my own. Piece of garbage.
  • @KyCade3013

    Hi! I don't think I rented the Doppler until maybe 12 weeks? I think that's when my OBGYN started using the Doppler (prior to that I had an ultrasound at 8 weeks and 12 weeks), so I'm not sure how well it works prior to the 12 weeks. I think it also depends on the position of the baby and your uterus ... I remember my doctor trying at 8 weeks 3 days after I had some spotting that concerned me, but she wasn't able to find it that early and did a vaginal ultrasound instead. Next time around, I probably won't rent one until the 12-week mark again just because I know it would worry me if I couldn't find it, but after that point it becomes much easier to find. The one I rented was the exact same as the one that my doctor uses. Hope that helps!
  • Thanks @jen83mn !! @hgrich I bought the sonoline B and heart it loud & clear / saw the heart beat rate on the monitor at 10 weeks. Hands down the best Doppler. Didn't even take long to find it. My only negative comment would be when you aren't right over baby you can hear the babies rapid gallop HB it doesn't always register on the screen because I think it gets confused with your slow one as an overtone. Though, hearing it faintly helped me zero in on the area until it was loud & registered. 
  • This is @kycade3013 my stupid profile defaulted back to my old name. Ugh. Have to reset my PW again. 
  • @mlygate haha weird about your username! But yay! So glad you found it! I agree--I haven't relied on the Doppler's reading for the heartrate. It's always wrong. So I record it on my phone and count the beats per ten seconds and multiply by six. Or beats per twenty seconds and multiply by three. Just to double check. It was finally more accurate as of like 22 weeks, when the beat was loud enough for it to pick up the actual rate. And even then sometimes it's not quite right. Either way, hearing that beat is awesome! Yay! 
  • So smart! Awesome idea! Trying that 
  • Ok- name is fixed!
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