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D&C vs Misoprostol

Hi ladies,

for those who've experienced both a d&c and using misoprostol, which one would you recommend?

This is my second miscarriage and I've opted for a D&C. First time I miscarried, I took misoprostol and it was the most painful experience ever. Physically and emotionally. But now I seem torn as I have been told a d&c could take 1-2 weeks to schedule.

any insight would be helpful.

Re: D&C vs Misoprostol

  • I haven't had both, but I did have a choice between the two options for my MMC. I chose D&C and got in 4 days after we made the decision It felt like a long wait, but we were confident in our decision. If it helps, here are our reasons 1) we wanted to try again immediately, with miso you have to wait for your body to physically recover much longer than after a D&C, 2) I would have had to wean my toddler, 3) after 10 weeks there is a higher chance of hemorrhage with either procedure, so I preferred to be in a controlled environment.

    Our reasons for the miso would have been being able to have it happen 'naturally', no wait time (could be done same day), and eliminating the risks of surgery and general anesthesia. 

    That at being said, everyone has their own reasons and needs to make the decision that is right for them.  Go with what your heart is telling you, trust your instincts. 
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  • I'm soo sorry for your loss. I had a MMC in November. 
    I will never take pills again, if I have a second miscarriage. There's no way I can through that pain again. Everyone I spoke to including my doctor recommended if it happened again to get a D&C. Feel better!!! 
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