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Baby Robbins scary Adventure

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Okay, so now that I've been home a day I have had some time to process what happened during my labor/birth/and immediately after.

At 10:00pm on Friday I was feeling painful contractions, and after weeks of pre labor contractions I figured they would go away in the morning. Come 2:00am when I jump out of bed with the contractions feeling very strong and close together. It was time to go in.

Got to the hospital and went to open the door closest to L&D. Nope, that was locked. The sign on the door said after hours enter through the ER doors, so we slowly start around to the opposite side of the building, stopping when the contractions hit. Find a second door between the one we started at and the ER, with someone sitting behind the desk. DH is trying to get their attention but they ignored us as I'm moaning in the 20 degree weather in my pajamas and flip flops. 

When we finally got to L&D we were put in our room and the nurses asked how we were going to deal with the pain, at this point my birth plan is so far out the window I ask for an epidural. When I got it they raised up the bed super high (tall anesthesiologist) and DH was breathing in my face and I just remember telling him his breath stunk and the nurses laughed and found him mints.

My labor after that was extremely easy. It was like part of a movie, everything went great and magical. No pain, watched Elf and Finding Nemo, took a nap, it was great. They ended up breaking my water and found she had a BM. Labored a little more and at noon it was time to push. 40 minutes of pushing and she was nearly here. Dr told me to give one last push, and this is where shit hit the fan.

Steggy came out at 12:41pm, nurses swept her up to clean out her lungs and nose as she cried right away. DH and I cried happy tears that she was here. I was annoyed that they kept trying to hold her up for me to see but I kept saying I couldn't since I wasn't wearing my glasses. The Dr was sewing me up (3rd degree tear) and all I could think was "she is covered in a lot of blood" and more and more nurses/staff came in. Dr asked for more and more gauze packs (4 times they had to get another pack) and this is where my memory is foggy. The last thing I remember is not being able to open my eyes and my DH crying and a nurse's voice comforting him.

I was rushed to OR barely conscious of my surroundings, I remember I had lots of IVs and needles being stuck in me, I remember a blue cover over my face blocking the lights, I remember vomiting. 

When I was reunited with DH and Steggy, I didn't know what happened. They told me when I delivered my placenta my blood vessels in my uterus did not close and blood started gushing out (postpartum hemorrhage or PPH). I lost 25% of my blood and had 3 bags of blood pumped in at the OR. They had to put in a "balloon" to stop blood from coming out as well as lots of gauze. Still recovering from that, and OB said it might be at least 3 months until I'm not anemic anymore. Our hospital stay was extremely rough, and I was on IV antibiotics for about 72 hours. I'm glad it was for me and not because of an issue with our daughter.

If you made it through this I give you mad props. I think writing this all out is part of my healing process as I still have moments of deep dark thoughts about the aftermath of the birth. 

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Re: Baby Robbins scary Adventure

  • Glad you are both fine! Congrats!

  • Wow what an experience! I'm so sorry you went through that but so glad that you and baby are safe! She is beautiful!
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  • Glad both mom & baby are ok; what a scary experience!
  • Sorry it got so scary. I'm glad everyone came through healthy in the end. 
  • Omg! That is terrifying! I'm so sorry you had to deal with that but I'm glad you all came through it healthy.
  • I am so sorry you had such a dark experience. It truly changes you, and I encourage you to seek some therapy once you've gotten your bearings at home to help process those feelings.

    I am glad you and babe are safe now. <3
  • I'm sorry things got scary there, and you went through that. Happy to hear that you and baby are good now.
  • Oh what an unfortunate turn of events. I'm so sorry you had to go through that complication. No wonder you were asking about bed sores in your other post, poor thing you have no strength.
    your daughter is precious and congratulations. I hope you are healing well physically and emotionally. It can be so hard for people to understand how long the healing process can take when you are so anemic. Rest rest rest!  
  • Thanks ladies. I appreciate your support and positivity.
    I have talked to DH about seeking counseling over some of the guilt I have felt with not being able to help in the first days of her life, until then I don't even know what I would do without him since he has done so much to step in and take care of both me and her.
  • You did wonderful. What a warrior you are. Continue to rest and give yourself and extra measure of grace. Hugs mama! 

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  • Wow. This sounds awesome and then absolutely terrifying. Take it easy and let yourself heal mama <3
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  • Hugs  <3 Seriously. This baby having business is no joke, it is a wonderful thing to bring life into this world, but the risks are scary and real. I'm sorry that you had to experience the scary end of it. Coming from someone who has had both scary and relatively not-scary experiences, it does take time to cope with the trauma. Talking about it helps also, even with us creepy internet friends. I am very happy that you and your beautiful baby made it through, hurray for modern medicine! Enjoy all of her snuggles and love, life is beautiful. 

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  • I'm so glad that you're both okay now! That's such a scary experience!
  • Wow I am so glad you are okay. How terrifying. Take time to heal and talk to someone about your guilty feelings. You have no reason to feel guilty. You needed to get better so you could take care of your sweet baby girl. Praying for continued healing. 
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  • How are you doing now? How long has it taken you to recover? I had a very similar experience less than a week ago and trying to process what happened and the effect it now has on my life.
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