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  • @Dcwtada , free room service is one my favorite things about cruising.  We went on Norwegian in February and they have a $7.95 service fee for room service and literally no other way to get dessert after 9pm unless you order room service.  We like to eat late so that was our first and last Norwegian cruise.
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  • @Itsnotyourturn I wasn't a big fan of Norwegian, either. That's who we cruised for our baby moon with DS and it was just ok. Of course, my only cruise line for comparison is Holland America, which seems much nicer though geared toward older folks. Which line do you prefer? 
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  • @dcwtada I've been looking forward to trying out a Disney cruise...maybe in 2018 lol
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    @Dcwtada where are you crusing to on Disney that doesn't have Zika threats? I've been searching high and low because there are great deals then but even a simple one to the Bahamas is out because they are at threat level 2 with cases of it

    we went on Carnival last winter and it was actually not bad loved the shore excursions (we love snorkeling) but the last night we both got severe stomach virus and that and the 10 hour car ride home the next day was horrifying. Other than that I've been on Royal Carribean when I was in high school (13 years ago) and that was great too nicer than Carnival but less "fun" things activity wise 
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  • @chiquita928, exact same.  Our honey moon was on HAL (I also used to work in their corporate office), the food is so good and the service is just amazing.  
    Norwegian was meh for me at best.
  • We're thinking about going to the Redwood Forest in April. My husband has always wanted to see it and since we're living in WA, we're not too far away. I'm not too pumped about traveling with a toddler and being 7(ish) months pregnant but we will see! 
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    @jam85 Disney has their own island called castaway cay that is a day stop, it is completely uninhabited - but it has a couple great beaches/water parks and they set out a nice spread of hot dogs and hamburgers and other picnicky foods that is all included in the "dining plan". Some cruises stop in key west or Nassau but you don't have to get off the boat. I will say I never had a single mosquito bite when we went two years ago on the cruise, I am not going to get off at Nassau or key Wedt if we have a cruise with those stops (for multiple reasons) but will get off at castaway cay. They also sail in Alaska, Europe/Mediterranean, and the east and west coasts. 

    Honestly i I was on a carnival cruise and a Disney cruise - they just didn't compare in my opinion. The cartoony parts of Disney weren't overdone and one of my favorite memories was a late night swim where they played movies on these big screens right over the pool. You could sit on the chairs or swim - it was so nice. 
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  • My husband hates cruises (he's a marine engineer) but one day we will definitely go on a Disney cruise. No other place has childcare that compares. 
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  • DH & I don't have anything planned so far (that I know of). DH and I usually go on a week long vacation for our anniversary and LO is due the week before our anniversary so maybe we'll do one as an early anniversary trip. We usually don't fly anywhere so it'd have to be somewhere in WI, IL, MN etc so we can drive there.
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  • We don't have anything planned, either. Most of our trips are around cycling, which will definitely be limited next summer. Call me crazy, but I'm hoping we can camp at least once more just the two of us... we tend to camp in pretty remote areas so that will definitely change a bit with a LO in tow!
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  • @Itsnotyourturn  OMG the food tho!!! I would go on a HAL cruise forever, if for nothing than the fooooood!
  • @chiquita928, its true about the older crowd and now with a little one i might try princess.  I hear the food is similiar.  
  • @Itsnotyourturn Ok, thanks! I was looking into Disney, but I'll check out Princess, too. I love cruising, so I really don't want to be disappointed again!  Guess we're just spoiled lol!
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  • @chiquita928 I love Celebrity cruises and can't wait til we can go on another one (after this LO turns 6 months and with my parents in tow to help with baby care  :) ) Nice balance of stylish ship, mixed age group, good food, and unlimited drinks packages (people keep it classy and have fun but nobody gets rowdy). I would have loved to go this winter but every single stop has Zika. I don't trust any Caribbean location including the Disney/RC/Princess private islands because they're all part of the Bahamas and populated by the same mosquitoes so they fall under the same CDC travel ban.

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  • @Chamomile Thanks, worth checking out! Unlimited drinks sounds awesome!
  • Last time we took a 7 hour bus ride to Prague in my 8th month of pregnancy. Not the best decision we've ever made. Had a fantastic time once we were there, though! This time, I have fantasies about traveling somewhere alone during second trimester. No toddler or husband to interrupt sleep or showers. I may make up a "work trip" and do that... 
    I have loosely thrown this idea out to my husband a couple times!  I am thinking it would be nice to go for a spa weekend somewhere out west - maybe have my BFF from college meet me there.  I'm still nursing my 18 month old and would love just a night of sleep by myself and without anyone suckling my boob!  I don't remember what that's like - and am about to start it all over again in a few months!  A long shower would also be a luxury.
  • There is a fare sale from Hawaii to Japan right now.  I really want to go to the Sakura festival to see the cherry blossoms.  It's always been on my bucket list.  I will be 24-25 weeks by that time.  Trying to get my husband on board with this plan.
  • Decided we will be taking a trip in March to San Antonio. This year will be our 10 year anniversary and we need to go on a trip before our busy summer starts.  

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  • Unfortunately my husband is not a beach fan. At all. He doesn't like being hot, or being in direct sunlight, or sitting on a beach for hours. Womp.
    We're going to CO in late March/early April. My cousin has a condo there he's letting us use. Husband is a snowboarder and the condo is in a cute little town that I can explore. I'm hoping we can do a long weekend in VT in later spring as well, but we will see.
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    Anyone have suggestions for a spa weekend location?  Seems like places out west are popular.
  • @caribbeanmama Scottsdale Arizona! And if your hubby golfs there are some fantastic places. Go this October after the baby is born and we can share parenting horror stories during manicures and sipping happy drinks at the pool. 
  • Dcwtada said:
    @caribbeanmama Scottsdale Arizona! And if your hubby golfs there are some fantastic places. Go this October after the baby is born and we can share parenting horror stories during manicures and sipping happy drinks at the pool. 
    I want to drink so baaad!!!!!  That sounds amazing!  Is October a special time of year to go?  

    For the babymoon I was looking at next spring. I texted my friend your recommendation and she said she had heard that Sedona was prettier but harder to get to.  Thoughts?
  • My husband and I were talking about Niagara Falls, it's only about 3.5 hours away for us. Probably in March or April. 
  • @caribbeanmama my husband refuses to travel for work (long story) but they are having a conference there in October and his favorite golf course in the world is there. So he is making them take me so I can relax at the spa and he can play golf. 

    I had two baby moons, one on the Disney cruise and one in Vegas - both were fun but my favorite little get away which I think would be perfect for a baby moon was flying into LA, spend a day there and drive up the coast - we spent a couple days in Mandalay Bay which was absolutely perfect (cute little town full of restaurants, shops and touristy things like kayaking and snorkeling) and then up along the coast to San Francisco where we flew out. 
  • Just booked Palm Springs for February. Yay - sun!!
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  • Wow! Getting some great ideas here. I really want to go to Hawaii but the longer flight might be an issue. I thought about the Florida Keys but I'm still concerned about Zika in Florida. I'd really love a beach destination. Being in the sun sounds amazing, especially with this cold winter. I'm also looking into options on where we can take the LO for next year. 
  • @virginiaunicorn11 your post reminded me that we have a free night with them so DH and I now get to go on a little overnight trip for his birthday in a few weeks, thanks!

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  • I think we're going to take a long weekend trip to Memphis in the spring. We have some friends there, and it seems like a cool city that we've never visited before. We'll probably try AirBnB.
  • I love all the cruise talk. I was trying to figure out alaska, but they start right after the cutoff. I figured it would be a zika-safe bet. So far Bermuda is zika free. I'd live to cruise from NYC because we could drive, but have gotten sick in Atlantic waters before, and think it would be better to just fly. Need to check it their weather though. I don't think they warm up until June, unfortunately. 
  • Ohhh I love Rome @virginiaunicorn ! Is it your first time there ?? That will be amazing! 
    We are thinking SF at the end of February - it's a 5h flight so I was a bit hesitant... but my ob was very chill about this (he said it's ok to fly up to a month before due date). also I have a big conference on west coast in April and hope I'll be able to go and bring H since it's a nice location. 
  • @virginiaunicorn11 LOVED Rome. Was just there myself for the first time (just about conceived a baby there lol). It was worth it to walk around the city, which is how we saw it, but being pregnant I don't know how much you can do. There was surprisingly good food at the train station, although I will warn you (I have no idea what your native language is) that the people there, even in Rome, are not really English friendly. I know, stupid American. There were so many cool things, but two big tips: One, Go off the beaten path. The super touristy areas, while worth it, are CROWDED, and it's fun to be able to enjoy the city without being stuffed on all sides by people. Two, the Vatican, while cool, was not enjoyable not pregnant. The first part was fine, but by the time you get about halfway through the tour, you are packed in like a sardine with every other person trying to get through, and it's moving at a snails pace, and you can't even appreciate what you're seeing because there are so many bodies around you. I can't imagine that will be very fun pregnant. 
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  • We're going to Las Vegas and Phoenix az in march. We actually did the same babymoon last March before our son was born. We have family in vegas that'll watch the baby for us so we can go to a show. In Arizona we're going to the Cubs spring training games, we have family there too. 
  • @kerils thanks for the tips! Your conception comment made me laugh. I'm hoping that I will still be feeling good next month so we can get around ok. So true about the tourist areas! Woof.

    @mj8215 I flew into my 8th month of pregnancy last time. I just wore compression socks, sat on the aisle so I could walk a lot, and drank tons of water. If your pregnancy is smooth, no reason not to enjoy SF!

    I haven't been to Rome since college! So more than 10 years. I was an Italian minor and spent a semester in Rome (and dated an Italian guy for another year or so after that, but he didn't live in Rome). Let's just say, going with a husband and son will be a verrrryyyy different experience, lol! DH has never been. I'm pretty excited to see how much I remember.

     I read a good tip online that the hop on/hop off bus is good there with small children. Not my style normally, but since a stroller won't work on the cobblestones, we are planning on that one day. 
  • DH and I are planning a trip to San Diego for a friend's wedding in April.  We are heading out a week early for a babymoon in SoCal.  Does anyone who lives in that area have suggestions on things to do/places to stay?  We were thinking of going to Joshua Tree for a few days.  I'm not sure how active I'll want to be at that point, so maybe some things that aren't as physically taxing?  We've been to LA and San Diego before, but they were pretty brief trips so we didn't see too much.
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  • So I don't have the energy to go up and read everything....but I'm in the Midwest...any beach destinations with zero Zika??? That sounds like heaven about now!!! 
  • LoveLee85 said:
    So I don't have the energy to go up and read everything....but I'm in the Midwest...any beach destinations with zero Zika??? That sounds like heaven about now!!! 
    I believe Bermuda is still Zika free. But it's not quite warm enough yet!
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