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Weekend Worries 12/24

Merry Christmas Eve! Happy Hanukkah! But if you're having a meh-ry Christmas, that's ok too. Use this thread to share what's worrying you.

Re: Weekend Worries 12/24

  • Well I fell down the stairs on Wednesday and broke my toe in two places. I had to go to labor and delivery to check on baby. She's fine. Thank God. But I'm still worried about her with all the jostling around she's getting from my hopping and walking on crutches. It's exhausting and I'm stretching in weird ways and having to rest on my back some to keep my foot up. I know some women keep weight lifting while pregnant and this is nothing in comparison, but it's so jostling and I'm afraid I'm going to fall again on these crutches and hurt her. I'm glad she's well cushioned. I'm also glad it happened now instead of the third trimester. 

    TW--my original due date with my angel baby is also in three days and I'm a huge emotional wreck because of it. It's just been an awful week and I wish I could give her a better environment than my mess. I'll be glad when it's the new year and I can put all this behind me. 
  • Hang in there @HGRich, sounds like a crazy few days both emotionally and physically. I'm glad everything is okay and will be thinking of you. 

    AFM- we are about to head out to my in-laws where we plan on telling them. I thought I'd feel excited but I actually feel more anxious than anything. Almost as if by telling them I'm jinxing myself. I know it's crazy but I hate how previous losses have warped my judgement. Hoping I feel better after we spill the beans. 
    *** TW**

    Me: 37, DH:39
    Met: 2002 | Married: 2004 | TTC since January 2014
    July 2015: MMC @ 9 wks | August 2015: Chemical
    March, April, May & June 2016: Medicated IUIs | BFN 
    August 2016: Started Stims 8/22
    September 2016: Egg Retrieval 9/4 | 13 Mature Eggs | 10 Fertilized | 3 Blastocytes | 1 PGS Normal Embaby 
    November 7, 2016: FET - BFP!
    EDD 7/25/17
    Zoey Alexis born 7/25/17 @ 12:39 PM | 7lbs 14oz | 19 inches
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  • Omg HGRich! I'm so glad to hear you (minus two toes) and the baby are OK. It's so scary to fall when pregnant! I actually slipped and fell Friday night in the bathroom! There was a tiny bit of water on the floor and I slipped, it happened so fast I'm assuming I grabbed the counter and ended up falling onto my right knee and not on my butt. Try to not stress and just sit as much as possible! Now you have an even more legitimate reason (cause we all know being pregnant isn't enough to keep us from pushing ourselves) to take it easy. 
    Sorry you're feeling bad about your first baby's due date :( 
  • @byrneme I had the same uneasiness when announcing this pregnancy. We didn't even make a big deal about it and my husband told his parents in private and told them to not make a big deal about it. I didn't want to be surrounded by all these smiling happy faces Ooo and Ahhing when I just didn't feel that way.
    I still worry about jinxing this pregnancy with stuff. My husband always reminds me that there's obviously no such thing. I don't know why but hearing him say it always makes me feel better.
    Good luck today. 
  • Thanks ladies. Good luck @byrneme with the announcement. I totally get that too. I didn't want to tell anyone for the longest time either. It really does suck to have the fun of announcement ruined by losses. :( 
    Have as merry a Christmas as you can y'all! 
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