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Listeria updates

Hi ladies! I've found the website linked below to be really great for keeping up to date with what foods have actually been found to have Listeria recently - and it's not always what you would think! Sadly it's in soooo much different ice cream which keeps me checking the site weekly due to my newfound sweet tooth. Also bagged salads, sprouts, smoked salmon, and other places as well. Just wanted to share for those who are interested, feel free to ignore if this is in any way stressful for you. Much love to everyone :)


Re: Listeria updates

  • I bought some ben and jerrys ice cream its pumpkin cheesecake and it has cream chesse in it but doesn't say its pasteurized 
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  • @alexis21 - I did the same thing a while ago and my doctor said it most likely is and not to worry about it because 1) it's hard to find unpasteurized things like Ice Cream and 2) if anything is unpasteurized, they HAVE to say it on the outside of the package and 3) unpasteurized items are usually A LOT more expensive.
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