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Re: I guess I am a December 2016 Mama now...

  • She's beautiful, congrats @Kashy17!! What a whirlwind, my love and thoughts of pure strength to you both <3
  • oh my goodness - I'm glad that it sounds like things are going well and I hope she gets to come home soon
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  • Congratulations @Kashy17 hope that baby Anna continued to do well and gets to come home to you all soon! Xxx
  • Congratulations! What a whirlwind of events!
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  • Congratulations! I hope she get to come home very soon. 
  • Congratulations! Hope the NICU stay isn't long!
  • Wow, what a story! Congratulations, and hope you're bringing that sweet baby home soon. <3
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  • Congrats! Hoping her NICU stay is short and she gets to come home soon!
  • Congratulations!  Here's to a short NICU stay and a happy homecoming very soon.
  • Congratulations!!! Best wishes to you and your family and I hope your sweet baby girl gets to come home to you guys soon!
  • Congratulations!

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  • Congrats on your little one!!!

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  • Congratulations! 
  • Congratulations! You are both so beautiful!! 

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    I never participate, but had to this time! A huge congrats on your beautiful little girl. I hope everything goes smoothly and she gets to go home with her family soon!
  • Congratulations! I hope everything goes well and you can take her home soon!
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  • Congratulations!!! I hope you have a lovely visit with her today and that she can join you at home soon. Sending lots of well wishes your way! 
  • Welcome, Anna and congratulations to you and your family! That sounds harrowing but looks like you're dealing with everything extremely well. 
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  • Congratulations!!! She's adorable! Hope her NICU stay is short and uneventful. 
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  • Congratulations, she's beautiful.  I'm glad you're both doing well.
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  • It sounds like things are going great,  and I know the NICU nurses know what they are doing.   @Kashy17 ,As far as pumping,  can they loan you a pump while you visit in the hospital?  Did you get a hospital grade one?  My twins were only in special care for a week,  but pumping around them seemed to help.   You could also take home a blanket she was swaddled in for the baby scent.   
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    Oh my God! I'm so late on seeing this but congratulations and hello little beautiful baby!!! This brought major tears to my eyes. So glad you and Anna are doing well!
  • +1 to pumping near babies when you can, if you can get a pump there or bring yours. Take care of you, too! Lots of good food, water and resting 

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  • Congrats!  And good health to everyone!
  • I'm sorry I'm just catching up on everything now, but just wanted to say congrats @kashy17! Baby Anna is beautiful and I'm glad you and her are doing good. Congrats on the milk coming in too!
  • Hooray for your milk coming in @Kashy17! Feel all the feelings you need to. It sounds like Anna is doing great and will be home with you so soon. 

    @lemieuxk and @chef's wife big hugs to you both as well. 

  • @Kashy17 yay milk!!! It sounds like you've got a good team. FX you can take that beautiful baby home soon. How are you recovering?
  • @Kashy17 That's so awesome that she's closer and doing so well!!!
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  • @Kashy17 that is wonderful! I'm crying a little for you too :-) I'm so glad you're all doing so well. Congrats, mama!
  • @Kashy17 your posts are giving me all the feels! Its so brilliant that Anna is doing so well & fingers crossed you'll have her home soon too! 
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