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I guess I am a December 2016 Mama now...

So as it turns out baby girl decided that December was a prefect time to be born!   

On Thursday the 15th, 31weeks exactly, my water broke.  I went in and they gave me steroids and antibiotics.  We hoped to delay going into labor but last night baby Anna was just ready to enter the world!  

Everything happened so fast!  Things were good and normal at 12:30 when home care came to see me.  Then at 2ish I started with some braxton hicks and then the contractions slowly got more and more intense as the day went on.  At about 6pm things seemed to be slowly tapering off then at 7 the contractions were getting so painful and I felt all of the pressure down low!   By 8:30 I had like 15 contractions and they were about 5 mins apart so we got in the car dropped off out son at my brother's and booked it to the hospital.   I called my mom to say we were headed in and they said they were on their way.

It was about 9:30 when we got to the hospital.  I was up in triage and the contractions were getting bad!  They did a cervical check and I was already 4-5cm and that was about 25ish mins after arriving.  I told the Dr I had to go pee and she said ok.  I was about to change into the hospital gown when another contraction came and I felt the need to push!   I said I think I have to push and then they took me to the delivery room right away.  The Dr checked me out and I was at 9cm!!  that was 10 mins from when I Was only at 4-5......they got me to the delivery room.  My mom finally showed up!!  and then I was at 10cm and ready to go!   The room filled up with people fast.  I wasn't aloud to push until the NICU team was all in the room, but they got there quick!   

It only took three pushes and she was out, but damn was it tough!   

The whole thing happened so fast that we had no time to process anything and I was so overwhelmed once it was over.....

She came out crying and then second I heard her little cry I left myself cry with her.   

She is strong and doing so amazing!  

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Re: I guess I am a December 2016 Mama now...

  • Congrats @Kashy17! Sounds hectic and scary but it sounds like both of you are doing great! Hopefully she won't have any complications and can leave the hospital soon :)
  • Congratulations! She's beautiful. Thinking of you as you start the next part of your journey!
  • Congrats!   Oh my goodness,  what a crazy story you have for her birth.  I hope her NICU stay is short!
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  • Wow congratulations! Hope you guys are both doing well and she can come home soon! 
  • Congrats @Kashy17

    She looks perfect , here's to  hopefully a easy and quick NiCu stay

  • Wow, what a whirlwind of events! Congratulations on your precious little girl. Wishing you a quick recovery and praying your little girl keeps thriving and her stay in the NICU is a short one! 
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  • Oh my goodness! Welcome baby Anna! She's beautiful and I'm so glad she's doing well! 
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  • Oh my goodness! That is crazy and fast, but I'm glad you are both ok. She is beautiful! Prayers for a short NICU stay, and keep us posted on how you're both doing.
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  • Congratulations on your baby! I hope you and baby are both doing well and that she is able to come home, good and healthy, soon!
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  • CONGRATULATIONS @Kashy17!! I'm so happy that she is doing well! That sounds like a whirlwind of a labor. I hope she continues to do well and will be able to go home quickly!!  <3 
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  • Congratulations!!!! 
  • Wow! Welcome Anna! @Kashy17 she is gorgeous. I hope your NICU stay is short.
  • Congratulations @Kashy17! Glad you and baby are doing well! Baby Anna is just beautiful!
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  • Congratulations!
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  • Oh my goodness, congrats! Hope she's able to check out soon!
  • Congrats @Kashy17! She is gorgeous! I hope baby Anna's NICU stay is short!
  • Congratulations and I hope you are both happy, healthy, and home soon!

  • @Kashy17 - Congrats on the beautiful baby!
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  • Congrats!! What a cutie! 
  • Congrats @Kashy17
    She is beautiful! <3
  • Congratulations!!!! I'm so happy to hear she's doing well and I hope she gets stronger every day so you can take that sweet love home! ❤
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  • Congratulations! Glad you seem to be doing well and hope your NICU stay isn't too long. She's beautiful.

  • Congrats! She's beautiful. How big? 

  • Congrats! Please keep us posted on everything! Ish just got very real!!!!!
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  • Omg congrats!!!!! This is all too real!! Praying for you guys and hoping you can head home soon. Hugs! 
  • Congrats!  Hoping for a short and uneventful NICU stay.

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  • Oh my goodness, congrats @Kashy17! So glad you and little Anna are okay, and I hope the NICU stay is short and uneventful!
  • Congratulations!  I hope her NICU stay is as short as your labor!

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    @Kashy17 congratulations on the lovely little girl! Sounds like you are in good hands. Prayers for a short NICU stay for baby Anna!
  • That's a crazy story!! Congrats on your beautiful little girl! Hope her NICU stay is short for you guys :)
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  • Congratulations @Kashy17 Best of luck to you and your baby girl!!!!!
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  • Congratulations! I hope the NICU stay is short for the wee one!
  • Wow congratulations and hoping that she will be coming home to join you soon!
  • Aww @Kashy17 I hope your son gets better soon, so he can see his baby lol 

    Keep us updated on you and Anna if you can! :)
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  • Congratulations to you and your family! Wishing you all the love and peace and an uneventful nicu stay! So, so beautiful. 

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  • Congratulations! It sounds like a crazy series of events but it's good to hear you are doing well! I hope her stay at the NICU is a short one. Such a cutie pie :)

  • Oh my goodness that sounds overwhelming!! I'm so glad everything is going well though! She's little but fierce! Sending love and hugs your way :) 

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