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Just wondering

hello , I had a D&C on November 16th 2016 and on December 17 2016 out of curiosity of if the hcg was gone I took a hpt and it came back positive that night I started very lightly spotting and by the next night I believe I started my period but this cycle I'm feeling a lot more presure than usual and not bleeding as much as I had before I guess all im woundering is that if it's all normal , can a miscarriage cause your future menstral cycles change ? So sorry if my questions seem dumb , I'm just a  worrier and I don't wanna bother my doctor ... 

Re: Just wondering

  • I don't think you would have AF spotting if you are still drawing a positive hpt. Sometimes you have weird bleeds before your first period after the loss.  (This is what my dr told me).  Maybe you can give your dr a call and ask?  Peace of mind is worth it. 
  • Have a miscarriage can change your period. Mine are now shorter and for the most part lighter. 
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