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Hi Everyone,

My wife and I recently moved to USA from Australia. We are planning to have a baby in 2017 and looking at Insurance options.

My work (SkyWest as a pilot) offers insurance but it seems we would be up for about $6,300 in family premiums, deductible and co-payments for a pregnancy.

Is there any other option we are missing? Can we just cover her and the baby(ies) 

Thank you all!

Re: Health Insurance Options

  • Since the insurance would be through your work you would all need to be covered. You could look into getting insurance from an outside source, but it would most likely be more expensive. You could also look into Obamacare. If you do opt to only get insurance for your wife and babies you will be fined when you file taxes for not having insurance yourself. 
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  • If the state your in offers midwiferys they are cheaper than your deductible. But there is no pain meds offered and you must be a low risk pregnancy. But the experience is way better than a hospital birth.
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  • JennyColadaJennyColada member
    edited May 2017
    Employee provided health insurance tends to be a lot more affordable monthly due to the employer covering some of the premium costs. But deductibles and co-payments obviously vary plan to plan. If you are the employee, then you must be covered to also cover your family, but I would really encourage you to reach out to your benefit's specialist (through Human Resources department) at work to discuss options.

    ETA: Dangit, I didn't realize this was a zombie thread. @windfarmmama, it is unlikely that the OP is coming back to check on this thread 5+ months later.
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