Pregnant after a Loss

Just found out I was pregnant today.

I just found out I was pregnant today. I was afraid to join this app again so soon because of my miscarriage earlier this year. This is only my 2nd pregnancy, obviously the first one didn't go so well.
This has been a year of loss for me. First, my baby, my mom 2 months later, then my fiance 2 months after that. That last one was a relief. 
Anyway, the first pregnancy was hard because I was homeless, in a toxic relationship, and so very stress.
Now, I have a new man, my own home, and a new job. The only thing is he does not want kids. He is a great guy, but his reaction made me sad. I'm scared but happy. He said he is not going anywhere, but if he does I will survive. I want this baby. I just don't know if I can carry him/her to term. I've already prayed and asked God for mercy and a healthy baby.
Thanks for reading my spill.

Re: Just found out I was pregnant today.

  • @keenad76 so sorry for all you've been through. Happy for you and your new little ray of hope. Thoughts and prayers to you for your SO to get on board with where you are and a healthy little one! Keep us posted. 
  • Thank you.... My guy and I are doing a lot better. He is excited, very attentive, and wants this baby. I took two HGC test last week and it didn't double as the doctor hoped. I have an ultrasound for next week, so I'm believing for positive results. 
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