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April 2016 Moms

The Good, The Bad, The Cute, The Sad

As our babies begin to look more like tiny toddlers than infants, and 2016 draws to a close, let's do some reflecting! 

1) The Good - Share a sweet, lighthearted, or proud moment with your baby recently.

2) The Bad - Share a moment baby has been downright naughty or mischievous!

3) The Cute - Share something that made you say AWWWWWW

4) The Sad - Share a moment that made you think "wow, they really grow so fast!"

Re: The Good, The Bad, The Cute, The Sad

  • Thank you @Missingchampagne, I love this idea! I miss the bump..this is a perfect way to get everyone chatting again
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  • Mine are:

    1) The Good - Mason hadn't really shown interest in crawling. He would get on all fours for a minute then flop, content to just roll around. In the last week he's been crawling, pulling to stand, and taking a few steps. It's like he put all the motions together at once! Not sure what happened there but I was nervous so I'm happy! 

    2) The Bad - He REFUSES to leave the electrical outlets alone. When he's in his walker he won't pass one by (they're covered) without sticking his fingers in them and trying to pry the covers off. There's one on the counter in the bathroom where I bathe him and he always goes for that one too. He thinks they're the best toy in the world.

    3) The Cute - When he's in the bathtub he leans forward to the mirror and kisses his reflection, then leans back and giggles about it. Bath time always takes forever because I can't stop watching that!

    4) The Sad - Took apart his swing and Exersaucer last week. He's spent less than 10 minutes in each in the past month, and it was time. I cried taking the swing apart, he loved that thing so much and he was my little tiny baby rocking peacefully in his sleep, back and forth for hours. Now? Try to put him in something like that and he will have some serious objections.
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  • Such a good idea! I may cry reminiscing though!! 

    1) The Good - Callen LOVES to crawl! He started at about 7.5 months. He isn't on his hands and knees yet, but he has his own little Army crawl working. I was a little concerned that he would walk before he crawled because of his hated of tummy time, but of course, I had nothing to be worried about. 

    2) The Bad - I'm sure many others have this issue, but he really really loves the Christmas tree. He mainly goes for the tree skirt and a polar bear ornament. It was one of the first things he crawled to. I had to buy a big gate/play yard to block it off, because I was worried he would pull it over. 

    3) The Cute - I think I saw AWWWW multiple times every day. He's really trying to say mama which just melts my heart. It comes out as "blahblah" though. I'll ask him to say mama, and his little mouth starts making the right motions then he says "blahblahblahblahblah." He also REALLY loves our cat. Every time he sees her, his little face just lights up, and he crawls as fast as he can trying to reach her before she runs away.

    4) The Sad - I just put a huge container of NB to 3-6 month clothes in our attic. It's so hard to believe how tiny he used to be just 8 months ago. I always realize how much he has grown when I carry him into his room to put him to bed at night. He used to fit in my arms with plenty of room to spare, but now I can't hold him without his legs sticking out all over the place. 
  • 1) The Good - Kaylee has hated tummy time since the day she came home from the NICU. Last week she started rolling onto her tummy to sleep and it has helped the forced tummy time during the day be so much more enjoyable. Now she only screams after about 7-10 minutes instead of right away. 

    2) The Bad - Pulling hair. My hair, DH's facial hair, the cats fur, the dogs fur. If it's fuzzy and hair like in appearance it gets a good yank and usually a noise in response which makes her laugh. Thankfully the dogs and cats have all been very tolerant of her to this point. 

    3) The Cute - Blowing bubbles and raspberries. She just figured out both of them so they tend to happen at the same time and are soon followed by hiccups because she has made herself laugh so hard. 

    4) The Sad - I am working on putting together a shadow box with her hospital band, hat, outfit that she wore home, etc. seeing all of that reminded me of how much she has grown in such a short period of time. Also, she used to fit laying flat in my arms when I carried her into her bedroom and now I have to hold her at an angle or she will hit her head or feet on the door frame...and yes I do know this from experience. #Mommyfail
  • 1) The Good - DS has been such a trooper with all of the travel we've had to do. I thought maybe he would be less portable the older he got but he's still just as chill. 
    2) The Bad - I often underestimate DS's potential to do harm. He scratched me so hard on my cheek and actually drew blood. 

    3) The Cute - DS has been saying mamamama! I don't think he knows it's me but I'll take it! 

    4) The Sad - DS has been crawling and trying to pull himself up on everything. Of course I'm happy but I let out a sigh once in a while because we're already there. Sigh. 
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  • The Good: DD has just started crawling, she has also been able to go from laying down to sitting by herself.  :# We also have a great traveler, which makes us so happy because Mom and Dad love to travel.  We're going to Hawaii in a month and her flexibility and love for all things people make me think we aren't as crazy to take a baby on a 9 hour plane ride.

    The Bad: She still hates going to bed, loves to stay up and watch Gilmore Girls with Mom and Dad.

    The Cute: Girlfriend is SUCH a people person and it makes me so happy how much joy she loves to bring to others.  We were at a holiday concert the other week and she was so happy smiling and listening to the music (probably distracting the whole choir!).

    The Sad: She is getting so independent which makes me think she needs me less, I know she doesn't but still!  After the New Year April seems right around the corner...they grow up so fast!!!
  • The good: LO is pulling up on everything now and very slowly starting to cruise a few steps. He is also saying Mama and it's too cute, he pronounces it Mam Maa though, or Mam mam mam maa. 

    The bad: LO is pulling up on EVERYTHING now and he is still a bit wobbly so I can't take my eyes off him unless he is in his playpen . Gone are the days of laying him on a blanket on the floor or his RnP while I go to the bathroom or the kitchen to get a drink.  :/

    The cute: He is the giggliest baby! Always so happy and laughs all the time at everything. I cant get enough of his laughs and smiles.

    The sad: He will be 9 months old on New years eve  (and I still haven't lost all the baby weight.....looking at you extra 6 pounds!!!). I can't believe how fast time is going by, and he doesn't like to sit with me anymore, unless I'm holding him while he drinks his bottle or I'm rocking him to sleep. Too much to see and do these days, no time for snuggling with Mom!  :'(
  • The Good: he's so happy and so cuddly. And so active even though he hasn't figured out that he can easily leave the room.

    The Bad: the abuse. He loves loves to hit me and scratch me and jump on me ans pull my hair. He only does it to me and his grandma which is so weird.

    The Cute: we did professional photos Saturday and semi professional a week agp. And he won't smile for the camera. All the funny faces and noises and even just smiling at him doesn't work. He just scowls so seriously and it's the cutest thing ever.

    The Sad: we've officially decided it's time to trim the curls. I was hoping for him to be a year but now it's time. He's gotten to the point he pulls on them so I figured for his and my sake we'd cut them.
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