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Thursday/Friday Ticker Change (12/15-16)

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Stolen from yesterday's Ticker Change. I'm the one lacking imagination today! 

How far along are you? 

How big is baby? 

When is your next appointment? 

Symptom changes? 


GTKY: Where in the world would you live if money was not a factor?

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Re: Thursday/Friday Ticker Change (12/15-16)

  • @purplewriter did you see the movie "overboard" with Kurt Russle and Goldie Hawn? I always imagined owning a giant yacht like that just for fun, but I've never done a cruise so I'm not sure if I could live on it, or if I'd get sick lol 
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  • @kswiger06 I love that movie!! I've watched it so many times since I was a kid. I suppose if money was no object, having my own giant yacht with staff and going around the world at my own discretion would be perfect too! I've never gotten sick on a cruise, but I've been on boats since I was little (Michigan born and raised!) so that might help me.
  • How far along? 33 weeks

    How big is baby?  Celery

    When is next appointment?  MFM growth scan for measuring small next Tuesday.

    Symptom changes?  I was fairy miserable earlier this week after hurting my back but now doing better.  Once that got better I have actually been doing pretty well.

    Rant/Rave/Questions?  I am ready for the gift buying to be done.  I usually enjoy the holidays a lot but this one seems more stressful then normal trying to get everything done.

    GTKY:  Right now I would love to live in Hawaii but I always worry I would miss the seasons.  Otherwise my DH and I have tossed around what other countries we would consider living in-  Canada, New Zealand, etc.  We talk about countries where I could actually work but I guess if money is no issue then it opens up lots of other places.  

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  • How far along are you?  31w5d

    How big is baby?  I can't remember,  lol

    When is your next appointment?  Monday

    Symptom changes?  Not really,  but getting bigger,  feeling awkward and lots of pain in my public bone with too much activity.   Trying to stay off my feet when I can. 

    Rant/Rave/Questions?  I just really wish I had more energy right now,  Christmas is coming so soon and I have so much to do and feel not ready at all! 

    GTKY: Where in the world would you live if money was not a factor?  I can't actually imagine us living anywhere else,  our families are here.  But, my house would be done,  things would be paid off and I could hire a housekeeper and a nanny, lol.
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