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Anticardiolipin agm positive anyone?

Hi Ladies, wanted to reach out in the Pgal board as well. Has anyone here had success after testing positive? I came up weak positive twice, 34 then 28 for agm only. Doctor put me on baby aspirin and then he says his protocol would be lovenox when pregnant /viable heart beat and fetal location are detected at 7 weeks. Is this pretty standard protocol ? 

Re: Anticardiolipin agm positive anyone?

  • Yes! I am in a similar situation
  • Awesome! How has it gone so far? I'm scared to do the lovenox.
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  • I had a loss due to incompetent cervix, but in the work up they also discovered I have antiphospholipid antibodies! I started with baby aspirin and then they added lovenox once we had a heartbeat with this pregnancy. I then went to MfM and they suggested heparin might bind a little better to the antibodies so we switched to heparin, but I might switch back since my doctors (including him) are both ok with either and the heparin isn't easy.

    Here's some advice for lovenox: Number one, make sure there isnt even a speck of medicine on the needle before you inject it it hurts much more and bruises much more. I usually wiped my needle with the alcohol swab and let that dry, keeping the needle tip up. Second, lay down for at least 10 minutes after injections to help with the pain and bruising. 

    Heparin doesn't hurt like lovenox, but you have to do it twice a day, you should take calcium and vitamin d supplement, and you will bruise more (especially if you don't wait 10-15 minutes before moving). 

    Hope that helps someone!
  • Thanks @pabloandchristine . I've been doing it for 5 days now. My right side the needle goes in super slow and is painful, my left side it glides in... maybe because I have more muscle on my right hand side and less fat to grab? Going 2 inches from the belly button makes it harder to find excess fat to stick the needle, but I'm getting better at it. I haven't had bruising but I do inject it super slow or else it burns so badly. Do you do it the same time every day? I have been, but maintaining will be a challenge. 
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