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Recurrent Miscarriage, Positive ANA

Hi, all! To give you a little background, I had my first MC in early 2014. It required a DNC, so we elected to have some testing done and it was determined that the cause was a chromosomal issue. I got pregnant a couple months later with my daughter, and although my progesterone was a little low and I developed gestation diabetes, I went on to have a perfectly healthy baby girl the last week of 2014. 

A few months ago, we decided to start trying for our second. As with our first pregnancies, we got pregnant super easily (which I was incredibly grateful for). However, one day after finding out I was pregnant, I started bleeding. I lost that baby at 5.5 weeks. My period returned within 10 days and we tried again. Less than 28 days after that period, I got a positive pregnancy test. My first blood draw was good and on track. Got my second draw on a Friday ( had to wait til Monday for results). Started bleeding Saturday. When my doc called me Monday with my (good) HCG results, I told her about the bleeding. Drew blood again, and sure enough, had gone back down. Second MC in less than two months, third total. 

Since I was officially "recurrent" we did a full miscarriage panel. I got the results today and all was normal except I was positive for ANA. My thyroid was on the low end of normal, but still normal (.89 when low end is .40). My doctor is referring me to an immunologist to check the ANA results. Of course, although I know I shouldn't, I've been checking Dr. Google. I know I won't know for sure until I see doc, but I really don't have any symptoms (other than the ANA) that make me worry about lupus or RA. So I'm wondering if there's some sort of autoimmune thyroid issue -- even though my TSH is still technically in normal range. 

Anyone else with positive ANA? Did it mean anything? My doc said just being positive for ANA doesn't necessarily mean I have an autoimmune issue. 

I'm kind of torn on how to feel. While I didn't want anything to be "wrong", I was hoping my bloodwork would point to some cause that could be treated. And now -- we have a potential cause and I'm a nervous wreck! 

Re: Recurrent Miscarriage, Positive ANA

  • So sorry you find yourself here.  I had the recurrent miscarriage panel done also and tested positive for MTHFR and a chromosome inversion, so not the same as you but my experience might be helpful to hear.    

    I met with my RE and a Genetic Counselor and while I have some hurdles I'm not out.  Google was terrifying and was saying I should have mental retardation and  microcephaly which I have neither. Moral of the story try as hard as you can to stay off Google and wait to meet with the doctor.  The information you find online can be helpful to bring up questions but don't take it as gospel.  Good luck! 

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