Miscarriage/Pregnancy Loss

Miscarriage or just bleeding?

Hi!  I miscarried 10/8, and got pregnant the next cycle. I began bleeding on 11/23 and knew (thought) it was a miscarriage. My uterus seems to still be growing above my pubic bone and last night, being funny, I decided to carry my husband. My uterus is so sore today! It hurts when I stand and kneel to play with my daughter on the floor. Today my uterus, feels like a ripe avocado!!! So not too squishy. 

I have anemia and hypoglycemia; so I assumed some symptoms were just those. I have a tiny figure; so when things are off I know right away. My belly still has a growing bump. I want to go to the doctor to get it checked BUT my urine test at home came back negative... i just don't want to hear I'm not pregnant again :( I am trying to tell myself I'm NOT pregnant and it's not helping.. 

please be gracious and kind in your responses. 
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