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Baby Boy #4

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We are expecting baby boy #4 and are struggling to choose a name.  Our older boys are Benjamin, Oliver, and Henry.  I like older names and don't care about popularity.  Middle name will be Porter, David, or Patrick.  Feel free to offer your opinion for middle name in the comments!  Please lend me your vote!

Baby Boy #4 105 votes

20% 21 votes
37% 39 votes
7% 8 votes
35% 37 votes

Re: Baby Boy #4

  • Jack Porter would be my vote 
    Me (31) & DH (32)
    Married 9/27/2014
    DD Born 6/23/16
    Baby #2 Due 3/7/20
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  • I like Phineas David.
  • I was going to vote Franklin but not with the sibling Benjamin. Jack, although popular, goes best with the sibset.

  •  @SmrBrd2012 Oh My I didn't even put that together!  Definitely makes me look at the name differently.  I was on the fence about it, but that helps me narrow the list down!

  • I really like Franklin Porter. I didn't even think about Benjamin Franklin when looking at you other boys names and your list. 
  • I like Jack out of the list. Seth popped into my head as an option. 
  • Ezra Patrick or Jack David. 
    DD: Ophelia 5/18/15
  • I know Jack is now really common as a given name, but it still reads as a nickname to me. Would you consider John with Jack as the nickname? I would vote for that! (I picked Ezra out of your current list:
  • I voted Franklin, nn Frankie would be so cute! I also wanted to say, I love all your boys' names! You guys are good at this naming business :)
    My furchildren, Dorothy and Johnny :)
  • Thank You @emilyray14 !!!  I love our names too.  If we had a girl she would have been Katherine nn Kate or Amelia nn Millie.  A little bummed I wont ever get to use those names.

    I'm happy to say that this poll has helped me (and my husband) decide on a name!!!  I realized how upset I was when no one was voting for Ezra and it was then that I realized how much I love it.  Baby boy #4 will be Ezra.  Now to choose a middle name  :/

  • mb0112mb0112 member
    edited December 2016
    I love all your sons' names, including Ezra.  They are all ones I would have put on a short list if my girl were a boy!  Of your middles I like Patrick.  We have similar taste and I also love Theodore.
  • I was here to vote for Ezra!  I would pair it with any of your 3 mn options.

    DD.R: 2013
    DD.C: 2015
    #3EDD: 8/1/2017

  • Jack goes the best but Jack and Henry and Oliver are all super popular so personally I would pick a classic that's not quite as popular. Perhaps, Seth, Miles, Paul, Leo, Joel, Adrian
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