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Boy name too close to my name?

I asked this 5 years ago, but here I am again :).  My name is G*illian (like J*illian).  I love the name Julian.  It is too close to my own name, right?  It has added significance now because we want to name a child after my mom who passed away, Julia.  I imagine we'll end up with it as a middle name (if it is a boy), but it is one of few boy names we can agree on.  Thoughts?
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Re: Boy name too close to my name?

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    ^^Agree 100%. Seems like a societal double standard in some ways. Though in other ways, not, since the names are different.

    Do you use your full name and would you plan to use the baby's full name? NNs in either case might make it a moot issue...
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  • I had a similar thought with my daughter. I'm Kylee, and she's Ainsley. I wasn't sure if I wanted our names to end with the same sound, but then I remembered that she would be calling me "mom" most of the time, anyway. 
  • As a middle name, I think it's perfectly fine despite it sounding similar to your first name. If you'd like to use it as a first name, how about Julius instead?
  • I like the suggestion of Julius. But I wouldn't side eye it, if I met a mother son duo with those names. 
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  • I think it's fine & a very nice tribute. 
  • I think it's too close. Would get confusing for your husband and families.
  • I think it's close, but I don't see an issue with it, particularly since it has such significance. Contextually, people shouldn't get confused (he/she pronouns will differentiate if someone mishears the name). I might think differently if you were discussing siblings with such similar names, but not mother/son.

    If nothing else, you might be able to build in a suitable nickname in the initials. Julian Thomas becomes JT, or the like. 
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