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Misscarriage results

So they called me with the results from what they sent out after surgery. They said the chromosomes were fine. So unknown reason for the miscarriage. I don't know how I feel about this. Has this happened to anyone else?

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  • I didn't have genetic testing, but they didn't know why my mc happened either. The dr told me "it just happens sometimes" which is a sucky thing to hear. 
  • Yes!! So hard to hear!! I know plenty of people go on to have healthy pregnancies but I feel like if that happens I will still always be worried.
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  • I had a miscarriage on 12/01. I was 9w4d pregnant, and even had my 8 week ultrasound and we heard the heartbeat and everything. I thought everything was fine until I started feeling crampy 11/30. It was more painful than the implantation cramping I felt at around week 5-6, but LESS painful than my regular period, so I thought it was totally normal. I called my OB on the 2nd day of cramping and was told to take Tylenol. I did that and felt better but started spotting that second day. Within a few minutes of spotting, I got up to take a phone call (the perinatal office to schedule my 12 week ultrasound, ironically) and that's when the heavy bleeding started. I called my OB to see if I could be seen but at 4pm they said the doc had gone home for the day. (so angry). I went to ER and they did an ultrasound and could not find a heartbeat. I went to the obgyn the next morning and opted to do D&C because my body was not getting rid of it on its own.... the fetus was still in tact. I did a D&C to just 'get it over with' and I couldn't stand the thought of WAITING to have my body expel it. I had cervical scar tissue from a cryofreezing I had done a decade ago, and my obgyn said I was not dilated at all, so I opted for D&C. I did not want to take a pill to induce cramping and pain, I'd rather be knocked out and let the doc take care of everything. I had the D&C on tuesday 12/6 and was told to take Methylergonovine to 'shrink my uterus back to normal shape'. It does cause cramping but I am also taking ibuprofen. The pill is only taken for 48 hours so I'll be done with it this afternoon. We will have the sample tested and hopefully get some answers in a few weeks. I just want to move on. I couldn't possibly sit in my house another day knowing there was still an in tact fetus in me, and the baby was not living. The hardest part about all this is that we did IVF and got pregnant on our first try. We also did 3 cycles of letrozole and had 2 failed IUIs. So it just hurts a little extra when I think back at EVERYTHING we went through physically, emotionally, and monetarily, just for a miscarriage to happen. I am extremely angry and beside myself, but I still have this tiny bit of hope in the bottom of my broken heart. I have to keep going. I have to stay positive. There's just nothing else for me to do but keep moving forward.
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  • I'm so sorry @elisam511. Definitely stay positive. I know it's hard  :(
  • I got a pathology test after my MMC and D&C. It showed that the baby was a boy and was normal and healthy. There was not a chromosomal abnormality.

    Since I got those results back, my OB had me get blood taken to test to see if I have an autoimmune disorder that could have formed after the birth of my first child (he is 2.5 years old). I have really bad eczema and eczema is a sign of an autoimmune response. So, now I am waiting for the blood test results.

    If it is an autoimmune disease, both my OB and I are hoping it is treatable through medicine. She is hoping I can be treated once I try to get pregnant again and through pregnancy.

    If not an autoimmune disease, then I have to accept that the MMC was a complete mystery.

    We'll see what happens but I am hoping for the best and that I can gracefully accept the results.

    This was my experience and I hope you get some answers but if not I hope you will be able to find peace somehow. I am still filled with worry, but trying to stay positive.
  • @julieannburkhart thanks for sharing your experience. I have my yearly appt coming up in Jan so I will be talking to my Dr more. For now I've had to accept that sometimes these things just happen. And obviously we all know this but who wouldn't want an exact reason? Hopefully you get ur results soon!
  • I had 2 MMC since July, and 1 before DS. One of them was sent for testing.. it doesn't seem there was any chromosomes that were off. 
    Ive been for all testing under the sun. Autoimmune, hematologist for clotting/bleeding disorders. Everything came back fine except I did test positive for one MTHFR gene mutation. 
    Make sure you get tested for that. If your body does not break down folate and other nutrients that can be the reason. I'm 6w right now and taking folate (not folic acid), bc methylfolate gets absorbed right into body. 
    Good luck xx 
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