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Hi Ladies...I was here on TB when I was pregnant with DS (2.5) and made some lifelong friends. Now I'm PGAL (blighted ovum in August) and this is the place I feel like I want to be. 

I'm 5+5 today and my first dr appt and u/s is 10 days away. I've told my immediate family with the caveat, "let's hope this one sticks." I feel completely numb. I'm not excited, I'm not scared, I'm just...meh. I'm just counting down the days to that appt and trying not to google "statistics of..." too much. 

Anyway. Glad to be here. 

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  • Hi there! My first loss was also a blighted ovum so I understand the fear that comes with waiting for that first ultrasound. I think it was probably after my anatomy scan that I started feeling connected to the baby - it's totally normal to not feel excited when you've faced the disappointment of a loss. Congrats on this new pregnancy and FX for a great ultrasound. 
    TW: MMC
    BFP1 12/24/14 - EDD 09/07/15 (D/C 8w1d)
    BFP2 6/12/15 - EDD 2/22/16 (D/C 10w3d)
    Diagnoses and Treatments
    PCOS (myo-inositol, excercize)
    Indeterminant levels of APS IgM antibodies (baby aspirin)
    Sub-septate uterus (hysteroscopic septoplasty 12/18/15)
    BFP3 05/02/16 EDD 01/09/17 DS born 01/05/17
    BFP4 01/28/19 EDD 10/?/19 🤞🙏

  • Welcome! I felt pretty meh through the beggining of this pregnancy too. You're certainly not alone here with those type of feelings. 
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  • You are certainly not alone...I'm constantly googling things. Welcome.
    "Once you are real, you can't become unreal again.  It lasts for always." ~ The Velveteen Rabbit

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    *3.14.14*  mc @ 5-6 weeks DnC {blood clotting disorder discovered}
    *8.7.14* mc @ 6 weeks DnC {uterine septum removed March '14)
    *3.17.15* mc @ 7 weeks DnC {genetic testing & meeting with a new RE in Jan '15}
    *8.31.16* mc @ 8 weeks DnC {genetic testing, new medications upon next pregnancy}
    *7.17.16* praying everyday for my rainbow baby {progesterone supplements, blood thinning injections}

  • Welcome! As pp's have said, you're not alone here. I'm only recently excited myself, and it's still nerve wracking. Hang in there and glad to have you!
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