Pregnant after a Loss


hi! ::cautious wave::

I've been stalking here for a bit and said I wouldn't post until I had my ultrasound. I'm here now, maybe 7.5 weeks, pregnant after 5 previous miscarriages. My lovely DH and I have been trying for four years and never seem to make it to two consecutive positive ultrasounds. We make it to about 6-7 weeks and don't have progress in growth. I've been on progesterone and Atrixa (like Lovenox) for Antiphospholipid disorder) this pregnancy.

We went for the ultrasound yesterday and tonour surprise they found TWO....empty....gestational sacs. We are staying hopeful that maybe I was off in my dates or it was just a bad machine/day and in two weeks there will be happy babies. My doctor is amazing, uplifting and has told me not to give up hope.  I'm trying not to get too excited, but this is a new experience. We've always seen a baby, just never growth in a second ultrasound. 

So, hello and hopefully the positive vibes everywhere will surprise me in two weeks.
"Once you are real, you can't become unreal again.  It lasts for always." ~ The Velveteen Rabbit

*8.3.13*  mc @ 6-7 weeks {natural mc at 12 weeks}
*3.14.14*  mc @ 5-6 weeks DnC {blood clotting disorder discovered}
*8.7.14* mc @ 6 weeks DnC {uterine septum removed March '14)
*3.17.15* mc @ 7 weeks DnC {genetic testing & meeting with a new RE in Jan '15}
*8.31.16* mc @ 8 weeks DnC {genetic testing, new medications upon next pregnancy}
*7.17.16* praying everyday for my rainbow baby {progesterone supplements, blood thinning injections}

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